20 Things Guys Thought Were Damn “Cool" To Do In School

Of long fringes and modified bikes.

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1. When it comes to hair - the longer, the better

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You skip perhimpunan on Mondays because that's when the scissors come out to play:

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2. You're a "gangster" if you didn't tuck in your shirt

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Back then, being called "gangster" is an achievement. #LevelUp

3. You wore your tie super low

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Probably not this crazy but you get what I'm saying.

4. Let's not forget about those bootcut school pants, shall we?

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5. They're considered as fashion faux pas now, but wallets with chains were pretty "high street" back then

And you carried one with full confidence.

6. When "Pimp My Ride" was a hit on MTV, so you got inspired...

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You weren't old enough to drive a car yet, so a modified Honda EX-5 would suffice.

7. Talking back to your teacher = wah, so badass!

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8. If you get punished, LAGI BEST! Everyone’s looking at you...

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Honestly, you just wanted your crush to look at you... for the first time.

9. Getting a girlfriend

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Girlfriend = bragging rights = more street cred.

10. "Bullying" girls

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Apparently insulting a girl makes her like you even more.

11. Smoking = certified "badass"

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12. Sling bags were the best

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Body Glove only.

13. If you carried a backpack, you made sure you were one-strapping

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Two-strapping = nerd.

14. You brought as few books as possible to school 'coz being lazy is awesome AF

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That's perfect.

15. Ain't nobody got time for homework

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16. Ponteng class to play Counter-Strike or StarCraft

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Proceeds to brag about your headshot count the next day in school.

17. Got handphone? Got swag.

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It had to be a Nokia or one of those Sony Walkman phones.

18. Dropping F-bombs in every conversation with your peers

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The perfect way to fit in.

19. Every time is someone's birthday...

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20. Your regularly scheduled "fights" and "wrestling matches"

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It ain't a fight if nobody watches it.

Guys, what were some of the "cool" things you used to do in school? Share with us in the comment section below! Don't be shy. ;)

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