21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To Form 6

STPM was hell on earth.

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1. You had the thought of dropping out during the first few months 'coz you were not sure if you would made it out alive

2. You don't get why you still need to wear school uniforms

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T-shirts and jeans will have to wait...

3. Like, the same rules applied! No low cut socks, no long hair (guys), no earrings (girls) and the list goes on and on...

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4. It was a lie when your teachers told you that you'll be treated like adults

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5. Seniors promised that Orientation Day would be 'fun'

More LIES.

6. You thought you could slay all the subjects 'coz there were only 4 of them...

7. ... until you saw how crazily thick the textbooks were

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8. Pengajian Am (General Paper) was all about...

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The reason why you're so good at colouring and shading now.

9. Time was never on your side during exams

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2 hours felt more like 2 minutes.

10. Every time you came out of the exam hall, your hands will either sore really bad or look something like this:

Ink smudged hands were a common occurrence.

11. The first year of Form 6 was the 'honeymoon' phase

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'STPM isn't gonna happen until next year! Study for what?'

12. You showed off your 'superior' side every time a student from lower Form walked past

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Respect me, you Form 5 kid.

13. MPPPU (Form 6 Student Council) election was a matter of life and death

Drama, stories of backstabbing and a whole lot of tears were shed.

14. You've learnt to settle for less when it came to exam results. 50 marks? That's a milestone. Pass? That's a MIRACLE.

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15. Extra tuitions were necessary 'coz if you don't go for one, you'll probably.... fail every subject

And you willingly paid for it even though it would've cost you an arm or a leg.

16. You can't help but to be jealous of your peeps in Foundation 'coz of the freedom they had

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17. You had to stay back for extra classes EVERY SINGLE DAY

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18. Getting into a relationship was a serious affair

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Ain't nobody got time for puppy love.

19. When STPM is only 2 months away and you can't help but to freak out 'coz you've not been studying ever since you enrolled

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20. STPM was literally hell on earth

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Did you know STPM was recognised as one of the toughest exams in the world? Give yourselves a pat on the back for making it through, friends.

21. No matter how tough and gruelling Form 6 was, it made you who you are today and you met your friends for life!

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Did you go to Form 6? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

No doubt, schooling days were the best days of our lives!

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