Why Being In A Co-Ed School Was The Best Days Of Our Lives

The BEST of both worlds!

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1. Every single guy would learn how to play the guitar to ​pikat​ the girls ;)

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Secondhand Serenade's 'Fall For You', Samson's 'Kenangan Terindah', and Jay Chou's 'Qing Tian' were among the favourites... back then lah.

2. Always challenging your friends to go into the opposite sex's toilet

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3. The never-ending pranks that guys played on girls

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Fake cockroaches, random insects, lizards... you name it, we've seen it.

4. The guys never grew tired of pulling the girls' hair

Seriously, will they ever stop?

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5. The girls will start nagging when the guys change in the classroom after PJ because they stink...

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They will NEVER listen. :(

6. ...unless, one of the hottest guy in the school is in their class, then the girls wouldn't mind

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7. Valentine's Day was more stressful than Hari Terbuka. Which girl gets the most gifts and who gets the 'best BF' award?

Let's not forget about those clubs (usually the Interact Club) in school that used to earn money from us by selling overpriced flowers, chocolates and balloons. We fell for it all anyway. :p

8. Everyone wanted to be the most popular couple in school

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9. Bringing an extra set of clothes to change for group dates with friends after school hours

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You'll just bring along the PJ attire usually because you don't want the prefects to rampas your nice clothes. Unflattering, but better to be safe than sorry.

10. Bilik kesihatan and the store rooms were the most scandalous places in school because...

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11. Your teachers will definitely mention "cinta monyet" when they find out about students dating in school

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12. Break-ups between couples are for all to see

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It's best you keep your distance, if you see someone suddenly crying at the staircase.

13. Form 3 Science Chapter 4 sparks the most interesting conversations

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"Can demonstrate ah?"
"Do you know how or not?"

In case you've forgotten, it was the chapter on the reproductive system. ;)

14. The guys get all curious when their female friends attend talks on menstruation

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And the guys taking their curiosity to the next level by taking the ladies' free sanitary pads.

15. You can't sit next to your BFF of the same sex because your teacher made you sit with someone of the opposite sex to keep you quiet

You end up sleeping in class most of the time.

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Remember how your class teacher would make the noisiest boy in class sit beside the smartest girl?

16. You can never be seen too often with a friend that is of the opposite sex without your friends spreading rumours that you're a couple

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Hopefully it was not a case of getting #FriendZoned.

17. When your guy friend is actually in pain, but he has to put up a macho face because his crush is looking at him

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18. It's quite fair in school. A guy and a girl for ketua and penolong kelas.

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19. The guys are automatically assigned to do all the "heavy duty" stuff

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Eg: When it comes to gotong-royong, girls only need to sweep the floor and clean the windows while the guys will have to carry the tables, wipe the fan and throw away all the rubbish.

20. Every guy who drives to school gets extra brownie points from all the girls (and the other guys too!)

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21. Guys seeking friendly advice from the girls on courtship

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22. You form your own 'family' by having abang/kakak angkat

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23. Joining a certain club or society just because your crush is there

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You'll do anything as long as you can see him/her.

24. You get to end high school by going to prom with a partner, even if you're not actually in a relationship

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A moment of silence for all our friends who had to go through high school without prom, or one prom that was an all-girl/boy affair. :p

25. Your guy friends get on your nerves, your girl friends never stopped nagging. Yet those were best times of your life because you made friendships that still last today. :)

What are some of your favourite memories from studying in a co-ed school? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Didn't go to a co-ed school? You should be able to relate to either one of these then!

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