14 Awkward But Funny Things Boys Do When They Wanna 'Pikat' Girls In School

*sigh* Love used to be so simple. :')

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Ah, the simple days of our youth! When we were innocent and pure... and love meant curi-curi staring at your crush instead of paying attention in class. ;)

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Come to think of it, boys used to do some pretty awkward (but kinda sweet) stuff to get the attention of the girls they like in school. You might remember doing some of these:

1. Buy flowers from the Interact Club so you can send them to your crush for Valentine's Day

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If your parents gave you a lot of allowance, then you've probably bought her more than just flowers.

2. Laugh and talk really loudly so your crush will look over and notice your existence

Sometimes, you'd tease her by saying "mean" things coz for some reason, some boys think insulting a girl makes her like him more. Idek guys.

3. Liking and commenting on her Facebook posts so she notices your existence

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Back in the '00s, boys would do this thing with MSN messenger - appear offline, then switch to online mode a few minutes after your crush is logged on so she sees the notification and notices your existence.

4. Showing off your "skills" (especially during PJ) so your crush knows you're the best in football or basketball or whatever the "cool guys" play

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5. Pass notes to your crush in class

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Not in the same class? No problem, you'll just ask a trusty bro from her class to pass it on.

6. Ask her to write in your biodata book so you can get her number. ;)

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7. Then text her every morning and every minute after school just to find out what she's doing, who she's with, her favourite colour, her favourite dog etc.

8. "Crush-baiting"

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9. Figure out her schedule so you can "bump" into her when she arrives in school and/or teman her until her mom comes to pick her up

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10. Join the same club or unit beruniform as your crush. Even better, join the same tuition so you can also see her outside of school.

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11. Help her with her classroom cleaning duties e.g. sapu lantai, wipe the blackboard, or even water the plants when it's her turn that week

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Those who want to be extra helpful may also help her carry her school bag, books, bottle, Tupperware container etc.

12. Buy the same school bag or K-pop boyband folder so you can pretend you have things in common

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13. Find out who's her favourite male celebrity... then get the same haircut. You might've ended up like this guy because of that too:

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14. Learn to play the guitar so you can serenade your crush. Okay lah, actually you only learn that one jiwang song you know she likes.

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Popular options include Secondhand Serenade's 'Fall For You' or any love ballad from Jay Chou.

Guys, what else did you used to do to get your crush's attention? GIRLS, what did your admirer(s) do to get noticed? Did it work? Tell us in the comment section below!

Puppy love aside, growing up in Malaysia has given us some pretty amazing schooling experiences you'll never get anywhere else: