When Malaysian Parents Tell Their Kids About Falling In Love, They Say...

Disclaimer: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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1. "The perfect guy may not be the best guy for you, so...

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... And is willing to accept you for who you are."

2. This is probably familiar for most of us. Bin's mother used to tell him not to look for his other half so early in life.

Courtesy of Bin's mother.

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"Now every time I go home, she asks me if I have a girlfriend."

3. "Women need not get married to be successful..."

Quote courtesy of Yee's mother.

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4. "The courting game is very simple...

Quote courtesy of Ronn's mother.

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5. One thing to check off your bucket list before you even think of settling down

Courtesy of Celine's mother.

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6. "The key to making a relationship work is to...

Quote courtesy of Jeff's father.

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7. If the object of your affection is taken...

Courtesy of Natalie's mother.

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8. "I don't want some girl's father to come knocking on our door, so...

Quote courtesy of Raymond's mother.

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9. "You cannot always only listen to your husband one...

Quote courtesy of Su's mother.

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10. "You're an adult now. Be safe and...

Quote courtesy of Darian's father.

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11. Love and trust is important, but that does not mean you have to share EVERYTHING

Courtesy of Teng's mother.

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12. "Rich girls very high maintenance one, so..."

Quote courtesy of Yad's father.

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13. Looks actually DO matter

Quote courtesy of Judith's mother.

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P.S. The above sentiment also applies to guys with piercings and tattoos.

What other words of advice did YOUR parents give you on love and relationships? Submit them to [email protected]!

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