Things That Still Divide Us Even After All These Years Of Leaving School

Team shoe lace or team velcro?

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Backpack or trolley bag?

Get sore shoulders or make the loudest sound when going down the stairs.

Shoes laces or velcro straps?

Retying laces during a ice and fire session, or make the loudest sound when taking off your shoes.

Sticker name or name chop?

Have the "sticker collector" take away all the stickers with different designs, or have chop ink leak all over your pencil box.

Liquid paper or correction tape?

Why choose? It’s not like they allowed it in exam halls. :(

0.5 or 0.7 pencil leads?

Elegant handwriting but frail, or strong but crayon-like thick handwriting.

2B or mechanical pencils?

If you're thinking that there's no way people would choose 2B over a mechanical pencil, just think about all the times you’ve run out of lead or the pencil’s eraser goes missing.

So, 2B Pencil users:

Super grip or shaker mechanical pencil?

There is, however, something that both sides agree on, Shaker X users are ANNOYING!

Gel pen or ballpoint pen?

Multipurpose pencil box or VHS tape box?

Both kinds are super cool regardless.

Normal eraser or eraser pen?

How can the eraser pen compete? Well, it doesn't DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR when it drops on the floor.

Stabilo or Luna colour pencils?

Faber-Castell users can spend recess alone.

Castanets or the triangle?

Tak tak tak or ting ting ting?

St. John or PBSM?

What happens when both units need to save the same person?

LEO or Interact?

Which club had the coolest kids?

Can't remember which side you were on? Tag a friend who does!

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