You Know You Have 'Clean People' Issues When You Make All These Rules...

Some believe that clean people are able to see where germs hangout.

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1. No sitting on the bed in outside clothes

2. No going to bed without washing your feet

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This makes your eyes hurt.

3. No sitting on pillows

And you can't understand why some people do this.

4. You will do anything to avoid wet door knobs

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5. No fingerprints on screens

Let's not bring up those dirty seams in the keyboard that you can't reach.


7. No eating in the car

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Because food crumbs are impossible to get rid of.

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A microscopic biscuit crumb is just as severe as this to you.

8. You will wipe your utensils at restaurants

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9. Wipe the table at restaurants even after the waiters wipe it. You’re also the type who points out spots they missed.

And you're used to waiters/waitresses giving you this face.

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10. No double dipping

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Double dipping is like kissing someone indirectly, just don't do it.

11. NO thumb in soup

12. No sharing of drinking straws

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Your straw is yours and yours alone.

13. Why do waiters stack plates on top of mine? WHY?

It always makes you cry a little :'(

14. You eat food that's meant to eaten by hands with utensils.

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You are pretty good at it though...

15. 3-second-rule?

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16. You secretly love watching extraction videos

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Oddly satisfying :3

17. You have wet wipes, 3-ply tissue and hand sanitiser in your bag

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