13 Ways Uncivilised People Are Destroying Our Public Toilets

IMHO, people are the reason why public toilets are disgusting.

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Let's face it - using public toilets in Malaysia can be a harrowing experience, be it the ones in your workplace, shopping malls, parks or wherever

According to this poll, 56% of respondents feel that public toilets in Malaysia are always stinky and horribly dirty because of the mentality that someone will also clean up after them.

Real talk, any person with common sense should know how to clean up after themselves. We CAN have clean public toilets, as long as *some* people stop doing these disgusting things:

1. Not flushing

Seeing a stranger's pee and/or poo floating amongst soiled toilet paper is NOT a pleasant welcome into a cubicle.

2. Stepping on the toilet seat

Fine, you don't want a stranger's butt DNA to get on your butt. News flash - no one wants your dirty footprints on their butt either.

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3. Dripping "water" from your genitals and then NOT wiping them off the toilet seat

By "water", I mean water mixed with possible traces of pee, poo, diluted DNA, and even *shudders* blood.

4. Spraying water everywhere and flooding the cubicle. Water on floor + muddy soles = DIRTY PUBLIC TOILET.

Please turn off the hose or bidet BEFORE you remove it from the toilet bowl.

5. Leaving the water hose on the floor and/or in the toilet bowl. Who wants to touch it now la...

The holder is RIGHT. THERE. If it's broken, at least sling it over the tap. -__-

6. Clogging up the jamban with so much toilet paper you can't even flush it away

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7. Clogging up the jamban with rubbish. It's called a "toilet bowl", not "rubbish bin".

8. Throwing toilet paper and other types of rubbish on the floor or anywhere BUT the rubbish bin

The bin is RIGHT. THERE.

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9. Not wrapping up sanitary pads properly before disposing them into the bin

Ladies, you know that sticky part of your pads? It sticks to surfaces. And when it sticks to surfaces, the pad opens up and... well. Let's just say, strawberry jam has never looked so unappealing...

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10. Expressing their feelings and putting up "ads" on toilet walls and every other blank surface

11. Smoking in a toilet cubicle. Smoking. In an enclosed space. Really.

The "NO SMOKING" sign is there for a reason. Didja think we can't smell you 'coz the door is closed?

12. Shaking water off your hands outside of the sink

Not only do you sprinkle water all over the counter and floor, you sprinkle water on other people as well. That's rude AF.

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13. Last but not least, leaving the toilet in a mess after an "explosive accident". OMG WHY LA.

Fine, you can't control your "targetting" in emergencies. At least alert the (poor) cleaner after you're done...

See, it's all common sense. Together, we can keep our public toilets (somewhat) clean so...

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What other weird and disgusting things should people stop doing in public toilets? Let us know in the comments below!

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