17 Things Guys Really, Really Love and Appreciate

They deserve them all.

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1. Their shoes and sneakers

You can step on their boundaries, but never their shoes. You can kick them, but never their kicks.

2. Their games

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It's all about the strategy.

3. And their gaming gadgets

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It's even better when everything glows.

4. And their gaming bros

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Nothing can come between them.

5. Their snapbacks

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And they would appreciate it more if you didn't take it off.

6. Their timepieces

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7. Their car

The car has a name too.

8. And keeping their car clean

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9. Their LEGOs

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LEGOs that they can build over 5 long hours.

10. Their action figures

The first action figure that they got on their 15th birthday:

And the 1,001 figures they got after that:

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You can touch them, but you have to put them back EXACTLY where they were.

11. Their comics

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From ‘Dik Cerdas'...

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... to Slam Dunk...

... to Naruto!

12. Fail videos

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They could watch the compilations 24/7.

13. Their sports merch

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14. Their football games

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And FIFA all night long!

15. Their mamak post-mortems

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This is when they have heart-to-heart discussions about politics, the economy, and that new fail video.

16. Their bedtime forum reading

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17. Their hair

Don’t touch it. Just don’t.

Guys are truly one-of-a-kind! :)

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