24 Things All Malaysian Gamers Can Definitely Relate To

All gamers know that our Internet speed leaves much to be desired.

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1. Counterstrike was, is, and will always be the go-to game amongst your gamer kakis. It's timeless!

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"The bomb has been planted."

2. "Don't feed" in DOTA does not mean that you're hungry

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3. Speaking of DOTA, you immediately regret letting someone mid lane when they obviously can't

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4. Moms can never understand that we can never pause a DOTA or any online game whatsoever. We're all in!

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5. You progressively smash your controller's buttons harder when your fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken gets more kancheong

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6. And when someone begins to stand up with the controller, you know things are about to get tense

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7. Meanwhile, FIFA players would definitely use drastic measures when it comes to penalty kicks with your friends

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"Don't look at my controller!"

8. Cyber cafes are our go to destination after school and during the weekends. Where else can you get entertained for an hour for just RM2.50?

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If everyone is lazy, we're just going online on Steam.

9. Every cyber cafe kaki knows that the best meal to have while playing games at the cyber cafe is Ramly burger, followed by mee goreng and some game fuel AFTER the session

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Some Ramly burger stalls even delivers to your exact seat number with a drink! Talk about going the extra mile!

10. We have to think twice about buying games off Steam. So the next best thing is to wait for the Steam Summer Sale!

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We seriously hope our currency improves for the better...

11. This is how you feel when you got a kill in DOTA despite panicking and mashing all the buttons

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12. This is your best friend, both the cat and that game fuel

Mmm, Mountain Dew...

13. When you still haven't bought Boots Of Speed in the first 5 minutes...

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14. You start to use game speak lingo in everyday situations

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Situation 1
Bro 1: "Eh bro, tonight I can't meet up, I've got a date with my girlfriend."
Bro 2: "GLHF."

Situation 2
Bro 1: "Dang it, I totally forgot that there was an assignment due today leh. How to start?"
Bro 2: "I don't know but this is all I have to say to you. GGWP."

15. Never get started on Hearthstone...

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16. Players of Hearthstone, you know it's true...

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17. ... or when you totally forgot to press save after defeating a big boss

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18. Your WASD keys gets grimy and always wears out fast

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19. We would keep a playlist of our favourite video game music on iTunes. Nobua Uematsu anyone?

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20. We cringe when someone says they're a gamer but all they play is Candy Crush and Farmville

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"Never say that in front of my face ever again."

21. If the game cartridge doesn't work, blowing it always solves the problem

22. Veteran gamers still know the cheats to the original StarCraft

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Power overwhelming, black sheep wall, show me the money, operation CWAL, food for thought, and the list goes on!

23. This excruciating feeling of running out of time...

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24. Last but not the least. The frustration of our slow Internet... Downloading a patch takes hours!

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Don't even get started on loading times...

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If your boyfriend or girlfriend has ever complained that you give more attention to your gaming than to them, show them this list:

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