14 Annoying Pranks Our Older Siblings Played On Us Just Because They Could

They're probably the biggest trolls.

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1. They loved switching off the lights and leaving us in the dark, especially when we were using the toilet

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2. Worst, they made us bathe in icy cold water by switching off the heater

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3. We've lost count the number of times they pulled off the wire to disconnect the Internet just to stop us from using the computer

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4. Always telling us, "You're adopted"

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5. They pretended to call our mother/father or the police when we made them angry...

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6. ...Sometimes, they even pretended that the guru besar called from school to complain that we were naughty in class

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7. We used to think that they were so kind to let us play with them, but it took some growing up to realise the truth :p

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8. Made funny faces and pretended to vomit so we'd think that eating chocolate = eating poop

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9. Tell us that black coffee is just Coca-Cola and made us drink it

10. Hid our belongings in the most random and obscure places (even they can't remember where!)

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11. Secretly exchanged our colour pencils with theirs because ours was brand new with 24 colours while theirs was old and blunt with only 12 colours

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12. Remember all those times when we almost got a heart attack after discovering a fake cockroach planted by the evil sibling?

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13. They would destroy our favourite toy but swear that they didn't touch it

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"I'm innocent!"

14. They knew what was inside the ice cream box but still, they told us to go get it from the fridge. Of course we were so happy... until we opened the box.

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Dear brothers and sisters who bullied us just because we're a family, we still love you :D

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Have you ever got pranked or lied to by your sibling? Share with us your experience in the comment sections below! :D

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