21 Things You Did To Entertain Yourself At Home In The 90's

It's been 20 years already!

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1. Coming home from school to watch Tamil movies for 3 hours straight

2. Then tuning in to your favourite cartoons at 5.30pm

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3. Movie night at home consisted of Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood awesomeness, and Kung Fu

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Bonus points if you can name this movie ;)

4. Staying up late to watch the biggest EPL match once a week on delayed telecasts

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Or catching the entire match on the radio through commentary alone!

5. You know you're staying up too late when regular tv programming ended and all you see is this

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Do kids these days know what TV static even is?!

6. Watching the colour bar countdown when you wake up earlier than the cartoons on Saturday morning

7. You had to plan your day around your favourite TV shows

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Yeah, now we just download on OD and watch what we want, when we want ¯_(ツ)_/¯

8. Going out meant missing an episode and not knowing when you'd ever get to watch it :'(

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But now even if we miss something live, we can catch repeats or watch it on catch-up.

9. Frantically writing down a cooking recipe directly from the TV screen so you can make it later

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Of course now we can just pause-play-record-rewind with PVR :P

10. Adjusting the TV antenna was an art form

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11. Video rental stores... nuff said!

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12. You had to buy VHS tapes to watch your favourite movies

13. Remember the hassle of having to do this at the end of every movie?

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14. Or your parents would record shows and movies using the VCR...

Who woulda thought we would be able to download shows and movies directly to our TV decoders and watch them On Demand twenty years later :O

15. And you watched them over and over until they looked like this...

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16. Then there was laser disc

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17. That potong stim moment when you're watching a VCD and have to take out Part 1 to put in Part 2

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Sometimes followed by Part 2 not working at all! Lol good times.

18. Making way for the mighty DVD

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19. You were super cool if you had a collection like this

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20. When someone you knew got Astro for the first time, everyone went to watch TV together

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And it’s still bringing people together 20 years later <3

21. It felt like you suddenly had a bazillion channels to choose from

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TV at home just wasn't the same after that!

Can you believe the 90's happened twenty years ago?

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Time sure flies when you're having fun, and we sure did #growingupinmalaysia :)

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