13 Things You Can Probably Expect If Star Wars Were Set In Malaysia

Are you ready for peperangan bintang, Malaysian-style?

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Okay, so you're pretty familiar with what the whole galactic gang got up to by now...

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...but what would happen if there was a plot twist where they ended up calling Malaysia their home?

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1. Yoda will have a successful career as the Prime Minister's wise advisor

His sage sayings will most likely make it into our Sejarah textbook!

2. The coconut seller will put his trusty lightsaber to good use

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Expect a slight fizz to your usual ikat tepi coconut water.

3. Choices of children names are about to get very interesting...

Let's not forget the Padmés and the Qui-Gons.

4. There will be creative Muslimah-friendly interpretations of the Princess Leia look

Ready-to-wear Leia-swirls turbans and flowing white *jubah*s will be all the rage on Instagram blogshops.

5. Hipster coffee shops and soft serve parlours are set to add blue milk conconctions to the menu

And things are bound to take an intergalactic turn in home kitchens too, with the introduction of bantha meat masak lemak and stir-fried Alderaan ruica.

6. Thanks to their (deceivingly) cuddly looks, Ewoks will inspire a pet fashion revolution

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Which likely means that your little Bobo is going to get a whole new Ewok-inspired makeover.

7. Traffic jams are about to get unbearable on a whole other level

Landspeeders and Turtle Tankers using the same Federal Highway route you use to work will make you consider a work-at-home career.

8. Darth Vader's helmet will be the go-to choice each time haze season rolls around

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N95 masks will no longer be the most-prized possession each time the API levels start to soar.

9. Step aside, Wak Doyok; Malaysian men will have new fashion icons to look forward to

It's out with the dapper suits, and in with the Jedi looks!

10. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will appreciate the Maaf Zahir & Batin spirit of the Raya season

There's a lot of understanding and forgiveness these father-son duo clearly need, and what better way is there to do so than over ketupat, rendang, and duit raya?

11. Forget about Zouk; Mos Eisley Cantina is where it's at!

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Your colleagues are crazy if they think you're up for bar-hopping at Changkat; Cantina's obviously the place to be!

12. Tinder date discussions will always be the most exciting topic at mamak sessions

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The guys are NOT going to believe Queen Amidala herself swiped right on your carefully-constructed selfie!

13. The Sepang circuit will see an exciting new addition: Podracing!

Formula 1 fans will have yet another adrenaline-fuelled form of racing to look forward to!

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