7 Quirky Wedding Themes You Can Only Pull Off If Your Parents Were As Cool As You

Don't worry, Frozen isn't on the list. :)

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Photos of a couple with a pristine white coffin featured prominently in their wedding photo shoot have been making their rounds all over the interwebs

Image via Joel Lim
Image via Joel Lim
Image via Joel Lim
Image via Joel Lim
Image via Joel Lim

Jenny Tay, 29, and her fiance Darren Cheng, 30, have opted for a casket as a prop in a series of pictures taken for their wedding in October. Their reason? They are dead serious about their profession and their wedding. Both are in the funeral trade.

"Our business is very much a part of our lives," said Ms Tay, managing director of Direct Funeral Services. "When couples take wedding pictures, many of them think of something significant and meaningful to them - their favourite cafe, the place where they first met. Both of us are very passionate about our jobs, so I thought, why not?"

Despite the offbeat theme, the couple's photos are receiving praises for their originality

"Bravo to Jenny and Darren! They are very daring in their choice for a wedding shoot and I think it's paid off," said a Facebook user.

"It's literally 'til death do us part'," said another.

"I think their shoot is creative and very tastefully done," said Molly Sim on Facebook. "It's a very nice change from the cookie cutter wedding shoots that we see done at Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa all the time."

"This is what you call 'thinking out of the box' - something their children and grandchildren will talk about for decades," said another user Jeffrey Poh.
Image via Joel Lim

This is just one of many instances that prove wedding themes don't necessarily have to be conventional. A shared passion by the bride and groom can result in the most unusually beautiful wedding! Here are some ideas:

1. Adventure Time: a happy ending for the real-life Finn & Princess Bubblegum

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Fans of Finn & Jake's adventures can add plenty of cool elements to give the wedding reception a cheery twist! Keep it geeky-chic with Ice Mountain-inspired invitations and Finn & Princess Bubblegum cake toppers.

Brides don't have to go all out trying to locate Princess Bubblegum's kooky crown just to stick to the theme; some Ice King earrings would work just as well. Food can take on a playful turn featuring the whole gang, from Beemo brownies to Finn macarons.

Photo booths featuring character cut-outs are bound to be adorable, while the bride and groom themselves can snap some shots with their favourite comic for their wedding photos.

2. Game of Thrones: nothing like the Red Wedding

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Game of Thrones and happy weddings usually go together like a Lannister and a Stark — not at all. But who wouldn't be tempted to break Westerosi traditions and throw a Game of Thrones-themed wedding with (spoiler alert) a happy ending?

Try a little wordplay on the Stark house motto for the invites; "Wedding is coming" sure has a nice ring to it! To get that ethereal feel, have an outdoor wedding.

Wow your guests with a dramatic wedding cake topped with the Iron Throne and serve up a medieval feast for the hungry guests, complemented by beautifully rustic table décor.

3. Lego: from colourful-bricks cakes to character cuff links

Everything is awesome! Especially when you have bright-coloured blocks for your wedding inspiration. Lego letterpress wedding invitations are great to let guests know the fun they can expect at your upcoming reception.

The bride can opt for a whimsical touch with Lego heels while the groom can use favourite Lego characters as cuff links.

Add splashes of colour to the desserts, from Lego people cookies to the Instagram-ready wedding cake. An idea for guest activity: set up a Lego counter that guests can play with and take home as wedding favours!

4. Star Wars: get hitched the galactic way!

Image via Sugar and Space
Image via Sugar and Space
Image via Sugar and Space
Image via Sugar and Space
Image via When Geeks Wed
Image via When Geeks Wed
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Image via When Geeks Wed

Geek-chic doesn't get any better with a Star Wars-themed wedding! The groomsmen would probably not complain over having to swap their suits for robes and lightsabers while the bridesmaids can get inspired by Queen Amidala's fierce fashion styles.

For the bride, how about an adorable pair of R2-D2 heels? Also, what's an intergalactic union without a Han Solo and Princess Leia cake topper?

The theme is also great for creating a juxtaposition effect, from beautiful floral arrangements held together by a Death Star vase, to centerpieces made up of Boba Fett helmets and feminine florals.

5. Zombie: a celebration of the couple's undying love

Image via PhotoMadly
Image via PhotoMadly
Image via Emily Bawn

What's a wedding of the undead without full-on zombie get-up for the wedding party? Invest in a special effects make-up artist to get a super realistic look. If the wee flower girls are up for it, get them in character too!

To infuse the elegance of a wedding and the savageness of the undead, a fun mix of classy and grisly can be applied to most areas, from the invitations to the wedding cake.

Due to its gory nature, this theme may not go down well with both sides of the family too easily. Alternatively, there's always the option of using the theme for the pre-wedding photo shoot instead!

6. Minecraft: make sure to keep the party creeper-free!

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Image via The Goodness
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Couples who enjoy building a house together in the Minecraft world may be inspired by this theme when building a home together in real life. Deck the wedding halls with life-sized pixel-trees and add a fun touch to the bride and groom's outfits with 8-bit neckties and 'diamond' pendants.

The wedding cake is probably best in its lovable 8-bit format, topped with the bride and groom in Minecraft form. For the desserts buffet, don't forget to include creeper cupcakes and (sweet) TNT supplies!

7. Pokemon: what's more romantic than "I choose you!"?

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Pokemon-loving pairs, rejoice! A wedding this cheery is bound to inspire smiles all around. The bride and her girly crew would look adorable with Pokemon-inspired manicure, while the groom and his men can opt for Pokemon-printed bow ties.

The versatile Pokeball design can be used in many ways for the wedding décor, including chair back covers and floral bouquets. Pokeball sugar cookies can double as a desserts buffet item as well as wedding favours, while Pikachu pops would probably catch the attention of the young (and young at heart).

8. Minions: an ode to Kevin, Bob, Stuart and the gang

Come on, no eye-rolls now! A Minions-themed wedding doesn't necessarily have to be tacky. The blue-and-yellow colour scheme can work wonders as a wedding colour palette. Brides can add a playful pop of colour to their white wedding dress with a pair of yellow heels.

Lemon cupcakes (topped with a Minion eye or two) would be a great addition to the buffet line, while health-conscious guests may appreciate the Minions' love for bananas.

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9. Superhero: it's not everyday you'll get to see Batman in a (karaoke) battle with Spidey

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With so many superheroes to choose from (DC heroes? the Marvel men? Then there's also Power Rangers...), there are endless possibilities to add a power-packed punch to the wedding reception.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids can choose from wearing subtle hero t-shirts under their formal wear, or going all out with the full costumes! Try something different for snacks; swap the desserts bar for a comical cereal bar instead!

The wedding cake is sure to be show-stopper, with each tier dedicated to each of the couple's favourite heroes! A keepsake idea: instead of a normal guest book, have guests sign a superhero poster that the couple can later on hang in their new home!

There's quirky, and then there's just flat-out bizarre...