5 Bizarre Marriages Around Asia That Includes A Man Marrying A Pillow

Isn't love a strange thing?

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A marriage is often a wonderful and joyous occasion that's full of happiness and confetti for two very lucky people. In other cases, it could be an event so bizarre, you wonder what happens when they leave for their honeymoon...

1. World's first robot marriage. Till death do us part - in this case it's battery life.

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Bride: Robot Yukirin
Groom: Robot Frois
Where: Japan

Two robots have tied the knot in Japan in what is thought to be the first wedding of its kind in the world. Frois, the groom, and bride Yukirin walked the aisle, wore traditional outfits and even carried out a 'wedding kiss' at the event in Tokyo on Saturday.

The kiss!

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After the couple were “married”, the wedding party began, complete with robot dance performances, a buffet and a tiered white cake strewn with pink petals. The wedding was the brainchild of Maywa Denki, an avant-garde technology-focused art unit, and took place on Saturday.
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The bride, Roborin, was created by robot inventor Todo Takayuki, and has a face apparently modelled after the star of Japanese girl group AKB48, Yuki Kashiwagi. Frois was created by Maywa Denki.

2. Gamer marries video game character. This takes love for gaming to a whole new level.

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Bride: Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game 'Love Plus'.
Groom: Sal9000. (Obviously not his real name, but that's the only name he'll give)
Where: Japan.

The gamer fell in love with the virtual woman named Nene Anegasaki while playing Love Plus, a dating simulation game. The aim of Love Plus is to court and build a relationship with one of three cartoon-style women, but virtual romance was not enough for this particular player, identified only by his username Sal9000.
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He took one step further by marrying the character. The reception included a priest, an MC, a DJ, speeches from friends and family, photo slideshows, wedding music and even a bouquet.
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The courtship began in September when he started playing the game, in which players nurture a deeper relationship through game play. Sal started carrying Nene around the streets of Tokyo and taking her to Disneyland and to a beach resort in Guam.

Sal says Nene is better than a human girlfriend. "She doesn't get angry if I'm late in replying to her. Well, she gets angry, but she forgives me quickly."

3. Women marries herself. A serious case of narcissism or an act of defiant towards the idea of marriage?

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Bride: Chen-Wei-yih.
Groom: N/A.
Where: Taiwan.

Chen Wei-yih has posed for a set of photos in a flowing white dress, enlisted a wedding planner and rented a banquet hall for a marriage celebration with 30 friends. But there is no groom. Chen will marry herself. Uninspired by the men she's met but facing social pressure to get married, the 30-year-old Taipei office worker will hold the reception next month in honor of just one person.
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Age thirty is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven't found a partner, so what can I do?" Chen said. "It's not that I'm anti-marriage. I just hope that I can express a different idea within the bounds of a tradition."
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Her philosophy in life is “You must get to love yourself before you fall in love with others.” After the unprecedented self-marriage, she is planning to enjoy her honeymoon in Australia and quit her coordinator post.

4. Man marries a pillow. Pretty sure he'll enjoy pillow talk every night.

Bride: Huge pillow with anime character, Fate Testarossa plastered on it.
Groom: Lee Jin-gyu
Where: Korea

A Korean man has married his dakimaura, a.k.a. a body pillow with a Japanese anime girl drawn on it. The girl depicted on the newlywed pillow is Fate Testarossa from the anime Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
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The 28-year-old otaku (a Japanese term that roughly translates to somewhere between ‘obsessive’ and ‘nerd’) has wed the pillow in a special ceremony, after fitting it out with a wedding dress for the service in front of a local priest.
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Lee is completely obsessed with the pillow. He takes it everywhere. They go to the fun fair together and go on rides. Whenever he goes out for a meal, he'll bring the pillow and made sure it had a seat.

5. Girl marries a dog. Part of a bizarre Indian ritual that is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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Bride: Mangli Munda
Groom: Dog
Where: India

An 18-year-old Indian girl has married a stray dog as part of a tribal ritual designed to ward off an evil spell. Mangli Munda, from a remote village in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, wed the canine in a lavish ceremony.
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Local guru convinced the teenager’s parents she was under an evil spell and that marrying a man would only bring destruction to the family and the community.

“I am marrying a dog because the village elders believe that my evil spell will be passed on to the dog,” she said. “After that is done, the man I will marry will have a long life.”

Around 70 members of Munda’s village and family attended the ceremony, which elders said was the only way Munda would be able to enjoy a harmonious life, according to Barcroft. Munda will now have to live with Sheru and raise him for the next few months, but luckily the marriage will not truly affect her love life because village customs say she is free to marry again without having to go through the hassle of a doggy divorce.

Oh by the way, in other parts of the world - an American lady marries the EIFFEL TOWER

Image via Telegraph

Bride: Erika La Tour Eiffel. (Yeah, she legally changed her last name to 'Eiffel')
Groom: Eiffel Tower
Where: Paris

Erika La Tour Eiffel, 37, a former soldier who lives in San Francisco, has been in love with objects before. Her first infatuation was with Lance, a bow that helped her to become a world-class archer, she is fond of the Berlin Wall and she claims to have a physical relationship with a piece of fence she keeps in her bedroom.

But it is the Eiffel Tower she has pledged to love, honour and obey in an intimate ceremony attended by a handful of friends.
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"Marriage is about intimacy and being vulnerable," she explains. "These women are not going to be vulnerable, and they have picked these powerful symbols to show, I don't need a man. It can be in my brain. It's brain sex."
Image via womansday

To solidify her love with the famous tower, Erika legally changed her last name to 'Eiffel'.

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