Why You Should Let Me Play Dota If You Love Me

Because love accepts all things, including a popular computer game. :p

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1. I'm practicing to become a better strategist

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According to many studies, playing computer games can sharpen my mind and help me think better! It also helps me in my studies too, a study in the US found out that playing computer games for a few hours each day improves people's ability to recognise letters. This demonstrates how video games can help you focus on finer details.

Don't you want me to be smarter? :D

2. I could be out clubbing but no, I'm staying in

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Wouldn't you be happier that I stayed at home with my MacBook instead of hanging out with random girls?

3. My BFF had a bad day. I'm 'teman-ing' him.

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Just like how I value our relationship, friendships are really important to me as well!

4. I'm releasing stress the right way. No one gets hurt.

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Even if you hear me shouting in the computer room.

5. I'm learning the complexities of working in a team

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Amidst the rampant trash-talking to my fellow players, Dota actually cultivates teamwork. In a team of five, we are assigned to a particular task. This requires some sacrifices and even choosing a hero you didn’t plan on using for the sake of creating a dynamic team.

So much sacrifice.

6. I'm also brushing up on my social skills

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Talking to several people of different nationalities is not an easy task.

7. I'm fine-tuning my budgeting skills for a steady future with you!

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A lot goes into the gameplay of Dota and one major part is budgeting my finances. Just like how I save up to buy a new set of armour, I've learned to save up for our future. :D

8. I could be the next big pro gamer. Did you know Dota players earn in the MILLIONS?

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You see! This Malaysian Dota team won USD1.4 (RM5.6 million) in prize money leh!

You don't want to be a 'tai-tai' ah?

9. Because of gaming, I'm pretty low maintenance. I don't need fancy gifts, just get me a new mouse or a keyboard. :D

*heart eyes*

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Ok, I admit. Gaming keyboards and mouse are not exactly cheap. :p

10. Last but not least, Dota keeps me sane and it's the only hobby I have. So please let me continue playing, ok? :(

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I love my 'me' time! <3

Guys, let us know what your girlfriend thinks about your gaming habits in the comment section below! We promise we won't tell...

Gamers are awesome and dating one comes with plenty of perks!

Can't understand what your boyfriend is saying in his in-game chats? There you go:

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