20 Reasons Why It's SUPER HARD To Diet In Malaysia

It's a constant battle everyday.

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1. Everyone eats nasi lemak for breakfast

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2. The nasi lemak can also come with fried fish...

3. And some sotong bakar...

4. And an extra portion of RICE, YES, MOAR RICE!

You know it's a problem when it literally translates to fat rice.

5. Our drinks are 'loaded' too

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124 kcals in a cup of teh tarik is equivalent to drinking one tablespoon of corn oil. But don't worry, walking casually for 41 minutes and 58 seconds can burn it for you ;)

6. Everything comes in multiple options and everything also must “try a bit”

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7. You'll see 15 food places the moment you step out of your gym. THERE'S FOOD EVERYWHERE!

8. Our mums don't know how to cook in small portions

This is just the appetiser.

9. Our dads love to tapau food like it's free

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10. Our friends tell us to give up dieting (because they feel left out at the mamak table)

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11. Food is available at ALL times, even when we’re asleep

Supply and demand all night long!

12. Roti bom, OMG

We COULD search up the calories but that would depress you.

13. We like to put santan in everything

Image via SEISMIK Makan

The richer, the better.

14. The minimum amount of satay you have to order is FIVE sticks

15. The weather is always hot, so we must complete our meals with some cold dessert

16. And other ‘cool' stuff to end things on a sweeter note...

Oh yeah, speaking of durians..

17. Our national fruit is known to be the 'fattest' of all fruits

885 kcals is like eating 9 apples in one go, but... nobody eats that many apples anyway when you can enjoy a DURIAN BUFFET!

18. A decent conversation MUST somehow involve food

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19. Our local holiday destinations are chosen based on the food we want to eat there

20. Malaysians know when it comes to food... the sky… THERE IS NO LIMIT!

Breakfast is served.

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