21 Types Of People You’ll Always Meet In Your Travel Group

Don't let them ruin all the fun :(

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1. The one who is always late to the airport...

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2. ... to the bus after a shopping session ...

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3. ... and to the lobby in the morning

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4. The one who always says "Cheap places please!"

5. The one who wants to try everything expensive

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The pricier, the better.

6. The one who doesn't bring enough money

7. The one who wants fancy hotels but refuses to pay extra

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8. The one who keeps asking you to help take pictures...

Make sure they look good or take 500 more pictures.

9. The one who asks you to take photos of them with YOUR phone

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No battery, no memory, bad camera... We've heard it all.

10. The one who takes hours to take pictures

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11. The one who says “anything la”, but then complains about EVERYTHING

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12. The one who can't take the boat

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13. The one who's too lazy to walk, but still wants to join

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14. The one who wants to just stay in the room

Like... Why are you even here?

15. The one who sticks EXACTLY to the planned schedule...

16. ... and would start complaining when the rest are 10 seconds late

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17. The one who disagrees with EVERYONE

18. The one who can't stay at one destination for more than three minutes

19. The one who is ALWAYS hungry

They share... but rarely...

20. The one who is always sleepy

And can sleep wherever, whenever.

21. The one who SNORES!!!

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What other kinds of people do you meet when travelling in a group? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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