Top 15 Things People Buy Back From Australia

No more koala keychains! :)

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1. Aesop

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Tourists would often head to the Land Down Under to buy botanical hair and skin care products from Aesop, one of the most renowned brands from Australia.

Packaged into pharmaceutical-style brown glass jars and bottles, Aesop uses plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients to craft the finest products for consumers.

2. Arnott's shapes

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Those who love eating Arnott's Shapes biscuits would know that Australia's the best place to get those savoury snacks from.

These highly addictive crackers come in a variety of flavours, with many preferring the Barbecue, Pizza, and Cheese & Bacon as their favourites.

3. Coffee beans

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Australia's Melbourne is reputable for its truly exciting coffee scene and it is said that the world's best cafes can be found here.

While travellers visit the city to experience the unique cafe culture and the taste of great Melbourne coffee, they would also seize the opportunity to get some of their favourite types of coffee beans.

4. Fish oil supplements

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Australia is a favourite destination for many to stock up supplements, particularly omega-3 fish oil supplements.

These fish oil supplements are said to have many health benefits, particularly in preventing and managing heart disease.

According to leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, Choice, the sales of omega-3 supplements exceed AUD200 million (about RM658 million) annually in Australia and are growing at a rate of more than 10% per year.

5. Golden Boronia Nougat

As Australia's No. 1 nougat, Golden Boronia Nougat specialises in making "delightfully crunchy nougat that explodes in the mouth" using natural ingredients.

You can be sure to find these delicious candies in every shopper's list, especially when Golden Boronia Nougat offers a wide range of flavours to its customers such as the Original Crunchy Nougat to the Apricot Soft Nougat.

6. Honey

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Australia has been exporting honey to a lot of countries overseas in both bulk and retail shipment and it is one of the top 10 honey-producing countries in the world.

Many tourists would take the opportunity to buy fresh, sweet honey from Australia to bring back to their homes, not just for culinary consumption but also as a healing agent.

7. Lucas' Papaw Ointment

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Lucas' Papaw Ointment from Lucas' Papaw Remedies is extremely popular as it is made from pure Australia papaws.

For decades, thousands of people from around the world use this product as a simple and quick remedy for minor burns, rashes and chafing, insect bites, splinters, or as a lip balm. In fact, it won the TripAdvisor's Traveller Choice Award in 2014 and 2015 for the 'Lip Balm' category.

Keep an eye out for copycats in the markets!

8. Pandora jewellery

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Who wouldn't love to buy pretty jewellery at a much cheaper price? Certain visitors wouldn't hesitate to buy jewellery from Danish retailer Pandora in Australia because it's much cheaper thanks to the "weaker" Australian currency.

Travellers may even save up to RM600 (approximately USD135) if they buy their favourite bracelets and charms here.

9. Pods Chocolate

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Pods is a spin-off product from British's Mars chocolate bar but it has found so much success and became a product that is now closely associated with Australia.

The crunchy wafer in the shape of a shell are filled with goodies, just like a little pod and they come in three signature flavours, namely, Pods with Mars, Snickers or Twix.

Do not underestimate these little chocolatey delights - they can be really addictive!

10. Sukin

Sukin is said to be Australia's favourite natural skincare brand that offers affordable skin and hair products.

They boast of producing shampoo and conditioner that is free from harsh chemicals and sulphates as each of them are formulated with the best natural extracts and essential oils.

11. Tea tree oil

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'Tea tree oil' has become one of the most sought-after products in Australia thanks to its antibiotic properties that can be effectively used as a cleaning agent for your home and body.

Many wouldn't want to be left out in getting tea tree oil from Australia as it is said to be one of the countries which produce the best oil.

12. Tim Tam

Tim Tam chocolate biscuits are on top of every travellers' must-buy list simply because they're of a different quality from the ones produced by Arnott's Indonesia for the South-east Asian market.

The delicious biscuits are many people's favourite snack and many who had a taste of these would always crave for more.

What's even better is that there are many flavours to choose from the original chocolate to honeycomb to salted caramel.

13. UGG Australia boots

UGG Australia was founded by a fellow Australian in the US, on the shores of Southern California in 1978.

The American company's footwear, particularly the unisex sheepskin boots, are made from a variety of premium materials and they are highly sought-after in Australia, where the ugg boots originated from.

14. Vegemite

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Vegemite is regarded as an Australian staple and is sometimes considered as an acquired taste.

The dark coloured spread looks a lot like Marmite although many would actually vouch that the taste is different.

15. Wine

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There are some really great winery and vineyards in Australia, so it's no surprise that locals and tourists alike love to buy wine, whether it's for a casual drink with family and friends back home or as a gift for their loved ones.

Not only is the wine here tastier, but it is also cheaper!

Known for producing some of the finest wines in the world, Australia as Adelaide, in particular, has been recognised as one of the 'Great Wine Capitals'.

What do you buy when you're in Australia? Share with us in the comments section below!

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