Top 13 Things People Buy Back From Japan

People always bring back #4.

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1. Tokyo Banana

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This golden spongy treat is one of the most popular souvenirs of Tokyo. It's a steamed sponge cake filled with sweet banana custard, but there are also other flavours like chocolate and Ginza strawberry.

You can find these especially at several main train stations in Tokyo. It's the perfect gift to bring home to friends and family. But keep in mind that the cakes are best consumed within seven days of purchase.

2. Hada Labo, SK-II, and other Japanese skin care products

Image via JW Web Magazine

Japan is an amazing place to shop for face masks, moisturisers, and eye drops, among other things. Their skin care products have been noted to be affordable and work great on Asian skin.

Depending on your skin type, there are plenty of products to select from. So, don't be afraid to stock up while you're there.

3. Loft stationery and art supplies

Image via Tokyo Cheapo

Loft is a chain store with several branches all over Japan offering a wide range of products including stationary, household goods, clothes, beauty products, and unique items.

If you're a stationery junkie, you'll find plenty of pens, pencils, notebooks, postcards, stamps and all kinds of knick knacks.

4. KitKat in unique flavours

Image via Lonely Planet

From green tea to sake and red bean, it's pretty common for friends to return with KitKat in wacky flavours whenever they visit Japan.

And for good reason too, because it's one of the most popular confectionery treats in the country. According to SoraNews24, more than 350 varieties of KitKat flavours have been produced in Japan since 1973.

5. Matcha-flavoured snacks

Japan is known to produce some of the finest tea leaves in the world. For that reason, you can find matcha leaves/powder and matcha-flavoured chocolates all over the country.

Some popular Japanese chocolate brands include Meiji and Lotte. Japan also sells matcha-flavoured KitKat, Oreos, and Pocky. You will be able to find these at the local grocery stores and discount shops.

6. Sensu folding fans

Japanese folding hand fans or sensu are an ancient Japanese accessory, weapon, and art piece that has been around for hundreds of years. They are made of paper on bamboo frames and are good to use, especially in Malaysia's hot weather!

7. Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and other Japanese makeup brands

Image via Fujisankei

If you're planning a trip to Japan, be sure to check out its wide range of beauty products.

Aside from producing high-range brands, Japan also sells affordable drugstore cosmetics such as K-Palette, Kiss Me, Canmake, and more. 

8. Pokémon and anime collectibles

Image via Pocket Gamer

Anime fans will be in awe of the racks and racks filled with plushies, candies, key chains, figurines, accessories, household items, among others in Japan's anime stores.

There's also a Pokémon Centre Mega Tokyo store that sells everything related to Pokémon from toys to food. It's every Pokémon fan's dream store.

9. Sake and other Japanese liquors

Image via Sake Social

Japan brews and curates some of the finest liquors in the world. You can't leave the country without a bottle of your own. They also make great gifts for family and friends!

10. White chocolate-coated strawberries

Image via Woah Japan

Freeze dried strawberries coated in white chocolate is another tasty snack that is popular in Hokkaido. The sweet taste of the chocolate mixed with the sourish flavour of the strawberry make a delicious combo! 

11. Manga

Image via Takaski

Considering that it's one of the leading pioneers in the industry, Japan has some of the largest stores dedicated to manga and manga products. Akihabara, in particular, is known as the mecca for anime and manga specialty stores.

12. G-Shock and Casio watches

Many iconic watch brands are made in Japan, such as Oriental, Citizen, Casio, and Seiko.
So if you're looking for a new timepiece to add to your collection, there are plenty of designs in Japan that you most likely can't find in Malaysia.

13. Chopsticks

Image via Sharing Kyoto

Japan has countless chopstick designs that are unique to each region. Not only are they affordable, but easy to pack for the trip home - which makes them great souvenirs!

BONUS: Sex toys

Image via Tokyo Weekender

Tokyo is known to have some of the largest sex toy shops in Japan.

One shop in particular called M's Pop Life Sex Shop is a seven-storey building, which sells everything from life-size sex dolls to vibrators and fake bums.

What do you buy when you're in Japan? Share with us in the comments section below!

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