12 Yummy Snacks We Can't Resist Buying From Thailand’s 7-Eleven And FamilyMart

Pork burger. 'Nuff said.

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1. Grilled sandwiches to warm our tummies and souls

Choosing between ham and cheese, tuna, pork cutlet, and then halfway realising that they even have chocolate spread versions. Ugh decisions, decisions! 

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2. Pre-packed food that tastes just as yummy as those from the stalls

Full-blown meals like Thai basil chicken with rice, green curry, garlic pork rice, pad thai, and even a bowl of tom yum. Yay for cashiers who help us warm them up too!

Image via kopifolks
Image via kopifolks

3. Major life decisions happen when picking between an L or XL cup of Thai iced tea or coffee

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4. Tao Kae Noi seaweed in all sizes and flavours

5. ... and an endless amount of potato chip flavours

(sweet Thai basil, I love you)

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6. Don’t forget to stock up on Tom Yum-flavoured nuts and pretzel sticks for your family, friends, and - duh! - yourself

Why do they somehow just taste so much better in Thailand? 

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7. When you can't decide which dessert you want, so you get one of everything

The oh-so-floofy cakes and swiss rolls got us all putting on those kgs but it's okay because *ahem* holiday, amiright?

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8. And if you're not up for Thai flavours, there's even sushi on-the-go...

9. ...or steamed dumplings and paus

*tummy rumbles*

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10. ... and pork burgers, as if we need more options

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11. Trying out different funky drinks every night just 'cos it's cheap

White grape wine coolers and beer for 30 and 40 baht?? Yes please.

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12. And finally, slurping on every kind of instant cup noodles you can imagine

Creamy tom yum, tom yum goong, spicy pork tom yum, yum yum yum!

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We know this totally feels like a paid listicle but the writer actually has a deep love for Thai snacks and has been caught spending way too much time in the stores in Thailand. 

How many of these have you tried? Let us know what your favourites are in the comments!

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