Top 12 Snacks You Should Buy The Next Time You're In Singapore

Salted egg yolk fish skin!

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1. Ben's Cookies

Ben's Cookies is a famous chain from UK selling only chocolate chip cookies. Their cookies are soft, chewy, and the chocolate bits come in huge chunks! They have more than 10 flavours for you to choose from, everything from the all-time-favourite Milk Chocolate Chunk to something fruity like Cranberry and White Chocolate.

You can get these freshly baked cookies from Wisma Atria on Orchard Road.

Price: SGD2.95 per cookie (RM9.18); SGD14.75 (RM45.90) for a Ben's Box of seven cookies

2. Irvins salted egg yolk chips and fish skin

Knowing Malaysians, we love salted egg yolk with anything. One of our colleagues brought a packet of Irvins Salted Egg Yolk potato chips from Singapore to the office and we fell in love with it. The fish skins are super crunchy, just like the potato chips!

Irvins has four branches in Singapore: Plaza Singapura on Orchard Road, VivoCity near Sentosa, Raffles Xchange at the Raffles Place MRT, and Westgate in Jurong East.

Price: SGD8 for a small packet (RM24.91); SGD16 for a big packet (RM49.82)

3. The 'Milo Van' Milo powder

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Yes, this is the legendary Milo powder formula that they use to make the delicious Milo that you can only get during your school's Sports Day! All you need to do is mix five teaspoons of Milo powder with ice and cold water, and it will taste exactly like the Milo van Milo!

For some reasons, it's only sold in Singapore -_- You can get this in any supermarket in Singapore. Just keep an eye out for Milo Ice Energy with the Milo van on it.

Price: SGD8.95 for a 750g packet.

4. Gryphon Tea

If you're a tea lover, you have to try Gryphon Tea. The Singaporean tea brand has a collection ranging from the usual English Breakfast Tea, classic ones with a twist like the Earl Grey Lavender, to completely original blends like Hanami - green tea with sakura. They have up to 20 types of tea from their Artisan Collection that you can choose from.

Gryphon Tea is available in most supermarkets in Singapore.

Price: SGD18.85 for a 20-satchet box (RM58.70)

5. Singapore Sling jam

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There was the Singapore Sling cocktail, now there's the jam version of it - the Singapore Sling Marmalade. It's made from orange, pineapple, lime, lemon, and cherry. Some even say it tastes exactly like the original Singapore Sling, which you can taste in Raffles Hotel!

You can buy this at Gardens By the Bay, the Botanic Gardens, or any Naiise shops.

Price: SGD15 per jar (RM46.73)

6. Sweets from Janice Wong

Image via Janice Wong

Janice Wong is called the Dessert Queen in Singapore, and was named Pastry Chef of the Year by the World Gourmet Summit for three times. She owns the famous dessert place called 2am:dessertbar. You can also bring back some of her amazing chocolates as she has a separate shop selling chocolate bonbons with flavours like Cili Padi, Gula Melaka Pandan, and even Salted Egg Yolk.

Her shop is located inside Paragon Mall on Orchard Road.

Price: SGD3 per piece (RM9.35); SGD25 for a box of five (RM77.88)

7. MOFO Chili

Image via Mofo Chili

There are claims saying that this is the spiciest and tastiest chili powder in Singapore. The Gunpower chili is ranked 7 out of 10 in terms of spiciness, shouldn't be a problem for us Malaysians, right?

You can find MOFO Chili at all the Naiise shops and Isetan in Orchard Road.

Price: SGD8 per 60g bottle (RM24.92)

8. Prima Taste Chilli Crab la mian

Image via The Tummy Train

Singapore is famous for their chilli crab dish. Apparently now it's also available in the form of lamian (or ramen). The noodles are the dry version like Indomie, but you have to boil the sauces separately for three minutes before combining them with the noodles.

You can get this at local supermarkets.

Price: SGD10.95 for four packets (RM34.11)

9. Milo Dino Granola

Image via Eastern Granola

Granola? Milo? Anything with Milo sounds good to us! Eastern Granola specialises in granola with local flavours, such as curry, tropical fruits, and even Milo. The Milo Dino ones consist of rolled oats, gula melaka, chocolate chips, and lots and lots of Milo.

You can get your bag of healthy Milo-flavoured goodness at most Naiise stores.

Price: SGD16 for a 500g packet (RM49.85)

10. Pandan chiffon tea

Image via ETTE TEA

Apparently, Singapore has a 'national cake' - the pandan chiffon cake. It's also ETTE TEA's first ever blend and it tastes almost like the cake itself! According to the guys at ETTE TEA, it's best to drink the pandan chiffon tea by itself, without milk or sugar.

You can find this tea in most Naiise shops in Singapore.

Price: SGD8 for five satchets (RM24.92); SGD18 for a 35g packet (RM56.08)

11. Laurent Bernard chocolates

Image via Scene

Being one of the famous chocolatiers in town, it's the ultimate Valentine's Day gift that most people would get for their significant other. The praline chocolates have just the right balance of sweet and bitterness, which makes it even more popular among chocolate lovers.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is located in Takashimaya and Laurent's Café on Orchard Road, Robertson Quay, and on Hitachi Tower on Collyer Quay.

Price: SGD5 for a mini bar (RM15.58); SGD27.50 for a box of six (RM85.67)

12. Kouign-amann cake

Image via SG Now

The kouign-amann cake is a specialty from a town in Brittany, France. The texture is almost like puff pastry, but with butter and sugar folded in every layer. Nobody makes the kouign-amann better than the guys at Tiong Bahru Bakery in Singapore.

The bakery has three branches: TANGS on Orchard Road, Raffles City mall, and on Eng Hoon Street near Outram.

Price: SGD3.50 per piece (RM10.92)

What do you buy when you're in Singapore? Share with us in the comments section below!

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