Top 15 Things People Buy Back From Thailand

It's a tidbits heaven!

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1. Bento squid snack

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Bento squid snack is one of the most sought-after seafood snacks in the Asian region.

A lot of people particularly love the Sweet & Spicy flavour for its unique spicy taste and munchy texture.

Some visitors would even buy a bulk of them at affordable prices in Thailand and then resell the snacks in their home countries.

2. Coconut Oil


Thailand is one of the world's largest coconut producers, so it's no surprise that many good coconut-related products can be found here and coconut oil is one of them.

Coconut oil is said to offer many health benefits and can be used in different ways such as for cooking, skin, and hair care.

TROPICANA Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the most reputable local brands that offers coconut oil for consumption or for grooming purposes.

3. Dried mangoes

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Besides being famous for its mango sticky rice, Thailand is also known for producing some of the world's best dried mangoes.

The sun-dried sweet and chewy treat is easily available anywhere in Thailand.

4. Egg roll with pork floss

In Thailand, delicious egg rolls (or 'love letters' as we call it) often get an upgrade as they would be stuffed with pork floss to make it a fragrant and yummy combination.

These special egg rolls with pork floss can be found at Yaowarat (Bangkok's Chinatown) or in leading supermarkets.

5. Koh Kae peanuts

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Koh Kae peanuts are not just loved by the Thai people but also other people around the world, as they have been exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

These peanuts are wrapped in a yummy coating and just like any good snacks out there, Koh Kae has come up with many different flavours to keep up with the market's demands, ranging from coffee to coconut.

6. Lays chips

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Tourists come here to stock up on super affordable Lays chips with many unique flavours that are sometimes only available in Thailand.

The honey butter flavour is particularly popular as it's a much cheaper alternative to the honey butter chips craze produced by Haitai-Calbee, which originated from Korea.

Those who don't fancy the pairing of sweet and savoury would opt for the hot chilli squid or the scallop with butter and garlic flavour.

7. Milk tablets

Milk tablets is one of the most common candies from Thailand. It's like the Horlicks Malties tablets except that this is milk-flavoured.

Admittedly, this candy is not for everyone as some have described it as if they're eating "dried milk".

Milk tablets by brands such as Royal Chitralada Milk Candy and PhuKha are considered to be some of the best.

8. NaRaYa

Established in 1989, NaRaYa has grown into a well-known global name today thanks to its products that are made out of high-quality fabric and unique designs.

NaRaYa bags are extremely popular and tourists can't stop themselves from buying more as the company keeps coming up with new collections to keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles.

The range of products has continued to expand from just handbags to household accessories such as tissue cases. Kitchenware items including fabric saucers for pans and containers are also available nowadays.

9. Pocky and Pretz

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Pocky and Pretz are Japanese snacks but they have a special place in the Thai market as tourists would flock to the local stores and supermarkets to stock up on those pretzel sticks since they are extremely affordable with a variety of flavours available there.

Pocky and Pretz are essentially the same snacks but Pretz is the one without the sweet outer frosting and is considered to be the savoury counterpart of Pocky.

Visitors could easily buy back a few boxes of 10 as souvenirs for their family and friends.

10. Shampoos

Shampoos are considered a "must-buy" in Thailand because they are so extremely cheap that it's shocking to some.

Your favourite shampoo brands such as Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders, and Pantene, are easily available but it's best to buy them from supermarkets or drug stores to avoid purchasing fake products.

Don't be surprised to find people who buy more than a few bottles at once as they are probably buying for the whole family to use for a year.

11. Snailwhite by Namu Life

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Snailwhite by Namu Life is one of the most hyped-up skin care product in Thailand in the recent years. The product can be easily found at any pharmacy or cosmetic store.e.

Snailwhite facial cream was marketed with the promise of '5Rs' namely, regenerate, recovery, repairing, restore, and renew.

Keep an eye out for fake goods in the markets!

12. Suits

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Tailors in Thailand have already established a reputation for their reliable and good service, and sometimes too-good-to-be-true bargains.

Many have been willing to spend some time of their holiday plans to make tailor-made suits in Thailand, knowing that they could get a new suit within 24 hours.

People also usually do their own research before heading to Thailand to make a suit, as some scammers pretending to be tailors are out to prey on unsuspecting customers.

13. Tao Kae Noi seaweed

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Tao Kae Noi is a specialist in seaweed snacks as it is the largest seaweed manufacturer in Thailand.

It is known for turning simple seaweed snacks into a trendy snack that everyone loves by combining the traditional dried algae with bold flavours such as grilled squid and even cheddar cheese.

Be warned, this extremely crunchy snack is highly addictive!

14. Thai Tea leaves or tea mix

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People who love buying and drinking Thai Tea (or Cha Yen) by the roadside stalls or local restaurants in Thailand will not miss the chance to get the Thai Tea mix.

Many people recommend the tea mix or tea leaves from 'Number One Brand', also known as 'Cha Tra Mue'.

Established in 1945, Number One Brand's specialty is the Original Thai Tea but has since expanded to offer other flavours like Thai Milk Green Tea and Oolong Tea.

15. Zebra cookware

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Fans of stainless steel cookware will not miss the opportunity to grab a few of their favourite Zebra pots and bowls in Thailand.

You may be wondering why some people would want to buy and bring back cookware since they are so bulky, but many people would actually think that it's worth the hassle because the Zebra cookware is extremely cheap for such great quality.

What do you buy when you're in Thailand? Share with us in the comments section below!

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