[PHOTOS] These Giant Kuih Cushions Are The Home Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Imagine how awesome your couch would look with a fluffy karipap on it.

Cover image via Instagram @megafashsg

Here's the best news you'll hear today: Fluffy, gigantic kuih-shaped cushions exist!

Available on Naiise Malaysia, these adorable cushions will make any true foodie succumb to the 'Add to Cart' button

Image via Naiise Malaysia

Check out the yummy-looking creations inspired by these crowd favourite kuihs:

1. Gem biscuits

Let's take a moment to appreciate this wondrous work of art. Now add it to your to-buy list. Do it for the 7-year-old you who used to buy these gem biscuits in those copper tins from Kedai Runcit Ah Hok.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

While you're at it, you might as well grab these nightlight version of our favourite childhood snack too.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

Also, how cute is this funky ring filled with tiny gem biscuits? Welp!

2. Karipap

Do what you want with your giant fluffy karipap; bring it along to your kopitiam sessions if you want to. We won't judge.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

And if you're feeling really extra, pay for your meal using the money that's neatly tucked in your karipap pouch.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

3. Kuih apam

You can now hug a humongous apam pillow while eating an actual apam. What a time to be alive!

Image via Naiise Malaysia

Still not enough apam in your life? Hanging these puffy keychains on your bags should do the trick.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

4. Pineapple tarts

How do you resist a fluffy pineapple tart plushie, complete with the wavy ridges and the neat little X on top of the jam?

Image via Naiise Malaysia

The answer: You can't. You probably won't be able to resist these pineapple tart earrings either.

Image via Naiise Malaysia

The cushions, designed by quirky Singaporean brands Nom Nom Plush and Meykrs, are priced between RM79 - RM89

The other items - including the pouches, keychains and fashion accessories - are priced between the range of RM32 - RM119.

You can check out more of your favourite kuih*s *here**.

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