You Won't Stay Up To Study Again After Reading These 10 Malaysians' Uni Ghost Stories

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1. "Some nights, the water would be boiling hot. It's impossible because there are no heaters in our showers."

"Back when I was studying in Banting, there was a bathroom on the third floor which we think is haunted because on some nights, the water would be boiling hot. It should be impossible because there are no heaters in our showers, so the water is supposed to be cold or at least room temperature. So whenever the water turns hot, girls would run out in their towels, screaming.

We heard that apparently, before they built the college, it was a factory that dealt with manufacturing chemicals. There were rumours that many employees died because of some chemicals, including getting burned. Not sure if that's true, they were just rumours.

It doesn't help that in that bathroom, when it's late at night, you can hear sounds of tyres screeching across the floor like there's someone pushing an old trolley or something."

- Lily

2. "My campus is really haunted! Two of my friends who can see these things say the 'invisible visitors' like to gather at the lakeside or on the island in the middle of the lake."

"I've heard quite a lot of stories from the guards when I was studying in Miri.

In the library at the ground floor, some of the guards saw a lady in white sitting at the counter. The mak cik cleaners have also heard and seen things like chairs suddenly moving, shadows, and voices like people holding discussions. Apparently, these things happen very early in the morning when the library staff have not come in yet.

The guards also mentioned that on the 2nd floor of one of the buildings, you can hear people whispering your name even though there is no one around except you.

Some of my friends have also told me about one of the toilets in the Engineering building that's very noisy, like someone banging the doors although there's nobody inside, voices coming from empty cubicles, and even chairs moving.

Two of my friends can see these things, and they always say that these 'invisible visitors' are everywhere on campus. Apparently, they like to gather at the lakeside and the island in the middle of of the lake."

- chilskater / carbocation

3. "I've always thought the ghost stories in my uni were nonsense... until I heard the sounds of children playing and laughing coming from the empty surau."

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"My university has its share of ghost stories, but I've always thought that they're all nonsense until I experienced it myself.

It happened during the holiday break when the campus is most quiet. It was already late in the evening and being one of the committee members who are holding the induction for new students, I had to be there to prepare the hall for the newbies.

At that time, my friend and I were at the Dewan Peperiksaan (Examination Hall) when she asked if I'd follow her to the washroom. I thought, 'why not' so we walked together to the washroom. The washroom was located at the far end of the corridor and we had to pass by the surau. The corridor was pretty dark except for some dim lights and even the surau was pitch black.

As we passed by the surau, I suddenly heard sounds of children playing and laughing. I was pretty puzzled because I could hear very clearly that the noises came from the surau. My goosebumps immediately appeared and I asked my friend if she heard anything. She didn't respond except to tell me to walk faster.

So we hurried to the washroom, did our business, and quickly walked back to the Dewan Peperiksaan. It wasn't until we reached the bright hall that my friend admitted that she heard exactly what I heard."

- Spooky Corner

4. "I was already feeling a bit uneasy, but I shook it off as paranoia. Then I heard it - the laughter."

"My uni is generally deserted after 6.00pm. Occasionally, there will be some late replacement classes or rehearsals for events, but these usually take place on the other side of the campus. Anyway, I sometimes go back after hours to use the ATM machine at my block. It's the most accessible one and since it’s my block, I’m very familiar with the layout.

I think it was around 9.00pm that night, when I rushed back to withdraw some emergency funds. I was already feeling a bit uneasy when I started walking on the pathway towards my block, but I shook it off as paranoia. I quickly went to the machine, but felt uncomfortable the entire time.

Then I heard it – laughter that seemed to get louder as time passed. The sound came from the second floor, and the entire building was not lit up at all. The only source of light was from the lampposts outside the block, near the ATM machine. I’ve never been so creeped out in my life!"

- Talia

5. "The black figure jumped onto my roommate's bed, and as mysteriously as it appeared, it disappeared."

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"I experienced this not long after I started studying in a local uni in Kedah. You see, I had the habit of returning to university after the holidays one day before class starts. It just so happened that it was just after Hari Raya Haji so the hostel was particularly quiet as most of the students are not back yet.

It was around 11.00pm when it happened. After studying, I left my book on the table, switched of the lights, and left only the study lamp on. I usually leave my book open at the pages where I left off so it's easier for me to pick up from there.

As I was lying on my bed trying to fall asleep, I suddenly heard sounds of pages flipping. I quickly got up and looked towards my study table, but there was nothing. So I laid back down and just as I was falling asleep, I heard noises like someone is scratching on the window's mosquito net. When I opened the curtains to check, still, nothing. Not a shadow could be seen.

For the third time, I got back to bed. Then I heard two knocks on the door. I wasn't sure if it was my neighbour so I decided to ignore it, because if it were my friend, I would hear persistent knocking. After some time, I started to drift off to sleep. As I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly felt something heavy on top of me. I tried to fight it off, and as I opened my eyes, I could see a black figure sitting at the end of my bed staring hard at me! After a while of struggling, I saw it jump onto my roommate's bed and as mysteriously as it appeared, it disappeared.

The next morning, my friend asked me why I didn't answer the door. When I asked her what time she came looking for me, she said it was sometime around 11.00pm... and she even told me that she's knocked on the door for quite some time."

- Spooky Corner

6. "Where are all your friends?"

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"My college has movie night every Wednesday for students to collect their CAC points to graduate at the end of every semester. The show usually finishes pretty late.

Anyway, after movie night around 9-ish, I was walking down the empty hallways to the parking lot when I called my friend to have supper and hang out. We decided on a place to meet up and then I hung up.

When my friend arrived, he had a confused expression on his face so I asked him why he looked so confused. He then asked me, "Where are all your friends?"

Apparently, he heard a lot of chattering and voices on the other line when we were on the phone. I will never call and pick up my phone at empty hallways ever again."

- Ben / HostelHunting

7. "The footsteps started getting faster and heavier, as if someone was running towards me!"

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"I was submitting my assignment one late night and I had to go to the dropbox section on the third floor. As I was walking, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around but saw no one. I thought it was all in my head.

Then the footsteps started getting faster and heavier, as if someone was running fast towards me! I quickly submitted my work and took the stairs instead of the elevators.

I ran across the parking lot to my car but when I got there, I saw a reflection of a figure running behind me! I turned around to look, but again - nothing. I said a silent prayer, took out my car keys, and drove off as fast as I could. I'll never submit my work late at night again."

- John / HostelHunting

8. "We heard someone in sandals running behind us. However, when we parted to give way..."

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"This happened after one of our late evening law classes. Lectures are usually held in the old building of our college, and the lighting there is already quite dim during the day, what more at night.

My friend and I had gone to the bathroom after class. I remember that when we came out, we were the only ones on that floor. As we were walking towards the new building (both buildings are connected) towards the elevator, we heard someone in sandals running behind us.

Thinking that it's someone in a rush, we parted to give way and turned around to see who it was. To our surprise, there was no one behind us!

We looked at each other for a moment and silently agreed to leave as soon as possible. Then we heard the footsteps again, although it was fainter this time. No more waiting for the lift, we just ran down the stairs to the foyer."

- Shirley

9. "The figure jumped off the roof... then just disappeared mid-air! There was no sign of him on the ground."

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"I heard this story from some of my seniors. Apparently, one of the uni's students saw a figure standing on the rooftop of one of the university's buildings when she looked out her window - which directly faces the uni - one night.

She couldn't really make out what the person looked like, but he didn't look like a construction worker or repairman so naturally, she was wondering what that person is doing up there so she kept staring at the figure.

Then, the figure jumped off the building! Shocked, she looked around but couldn't be sure if the person had landed on the ground because she thought she'd just witnessed a suicide attempt.

When she looked up again, she couldn't believe her eyes. The figure was on the rooftop again. Now she's super confused as to what happened... then the figure jumped off the roof again. This time, she was certain that the person jumped because she looked at him fall off the roof until halfway through the ground where the figure just disappeared. There was no sign of anything when she looked at the ground area.

You can probably guessed what happened next. When she looked up again, the figure was back on the rooftop! Again, the figure jumped off the roof and disappeared mid-air. She immediately ran out of her room to her next door neighbour's and was so scared she just sat on her friend's bed without saying a word, only telling her friend what happened after she'd properly calmed down.

The next day, there was no report of any suicide attempts or anyone falling off the building. However, some ex-students claimed that there was a construction worker who fell to his death while the university was still under construction."

- Yen

10. "He felt something hitting the back of his neck when he was studying at his desk."

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"Someone told me this story when I first started college in KL. It's about this student who just started uni and moved into the hostel on campus. One night, sometime after midnight, he felt something hitting the back of his neck when he was studying at his desk. So he turned to look over his shoulder but saw nothing. He went back to his book, but felt the hitting again. Feeling uncomfortable, he gave up and went to bed.

This continued to happen every night when he's sitting at his study desk after midnight, even to the extent that it affected his sleep. One day, while he was walking to class, he bumped into an old janitor who'd been working at the uni for years. Seeing him so tired and pale, the janitor jokingly asked, "Didn't sleep ah last night?"

So the student told the old man about the hitting he felt in his room. Now serious, the old janitor asked him about the room he was staying in. He then told the student to move out of that room immediately, refusing to explain when the student asked him why. Seeing the old man's insistence, the student requested and got a room change.

Apparently, the old man didn't want to scare him with the truth. Years ago, a girl hanged herself in that room sometime after midnight. The hitting that the student felt was quite possibly the girl's feet hitting the back of his neck, because her body swung slightly when she committed suicide."

- Nina

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