Your Bulu Will Naik After Reading These 10 Malaysian Office Ghost Stories

We hope you're not alone at work right now...

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Disclaimer: All pictures used are for illustration purposes only. Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. "Someone or 'something' is living in a paper igloo in my sister's classroom."

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"This is happening right now, my sister who's a teacher in this kindergarten in Taman Tun just told me last night.

So the teachers just build an igloo made out of paper and cardboard for the kids. Apparently, there's someone or 'something' living in the igloo, because every morning, the igloo end up in a different place in the classroom. It'll move from one corner to another, or sometimes it ends up upside down!

The thing is, it's quite heavy... and no one has admitted to moving it."

- Anis

2. "There's been a few times, when I work OT, that I've seen someone sitting at the same unoccupied cubicle."

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"I work OT on certain days, and usually, there's no other person in the office except me when I work late.

There's been a few times, when I leave the office, that I've seen someone sitting on a chair... but the cubicle doesn't actually belong to anyone! I didn't really dare to look at it properly, I usually just get out of there as fast as I could."

- Ravi

3. "I've encountered a lot of weird stuff in the school auditorium I work in - violent tapping on wooden tables, strong flower smells, sounds of lights crashing... the list goes on."

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"I work in an auditorium for an international school where I've had to stay pretty late, especially if there are drama productions and musical performances coming up. I have so many creepy stories, man!

When I first started, I'd always hear tapping on the wooden table in the AV control room. They're usually slow taps, but sometimes, the taps can get pretty loud and violent. Certain spots in the auditorium, especially when minimal lights are on, will also smell strongly of flowers. No one's brought flowers, and nor did it smell like the cleaning stuff the cleaners use.

Then, about two years back, I was onstage rigging the stage lighting for the school's annual musical when I heard lights crashing down backstage. That's worrying, so I went backstage to check but not a single thing was out of place or had been moved. Later, I found out from the vendors who were in charge of the auditorium before I came in that they heard the same thing when they were working 'til the wee hours of the morning.

There are also stories I've heard from other people, like the lady in the red kebaya who randomly appears in the third floor backstage, which I've never encountered - thankfully! A maintenance guy also told me that whenever he comes in in the morning to switch on the lights and AC on every floor before school begins, he'd find a black figure shadowing him."

- Shauni

4. "Room 13 of the 13th floor always calls the front desk at night."

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"My mom used to work for this hotel in Penang. Apparently, the front desk always receives calls from room 13 of the 13th floor... but nobody would dare to pick up, because front desk knows the room is not occupied.

The hotel manager actually invited an ustaz and some pastors to pray. Apparently, there was a cemetery nearby that was 'disturbed' to make way for the hotel's development.'

- Cheryl

5. "He thought his colleague was playing a prank on him, but the guy had already gone home hours ago."

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"I used to work for this local TV network in PJ, and this happened to an editor who was working the night shift.

Editors usually work in one of the editing rooms, and he was the only one there that night, so his room is the only one that's lit up. While he was editing and stuff, he suddenly heard a knock on the door. He thought one of the producers who's working late was pranking him, so he didn't think too much of it.

Then that person knocked again. At this point, he got annoyed so he told the guy to stop it.
Minutes later, he went back to the main office to grab his stuff... only to realise that the producer he thought was playing a prank on him, his stuff was already gone!

Needless to say, he packed up and got out of there as fast as he could."

- Vanessa

6. "My colleague was supposed to be in Sabah, but I saw him - or something that looks like him - lying on the office couch watching TV."

"This one time, my production team had gone to Sabah for a shoot. I was supposed to follow them, but I stayed behind to get some stuff settled.

One night, when I was walking to the toilet, I saw one of my colleagues lying on the office couch watching TV. I thought it was weird that he's lying there doing nothing, so I called out to him, but he didn't respond so I continued to the toilet.

Then I realised something. The guy I just saw right, he's part of the team who's supposed to be in Sabah! Obviously, when I ran back to the couch area, there's no one there, and the TV is off and everything. I've never left the office so fast, man."

- Alif

7. "A dark figure appeared behind a cameraman when a live show taping was going on, and the female announcer had to continue as if she didn't see anything."

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"I don't remember if it was a morning or evening show, but these guys were taping a live show in the studio in Shah Alam. It's a basic setup - an announcer, then the cameramen and production crew were there.

Halfway through the taping, the announcer noticed something dark appear behind one of the cameramen! Obviously, she couldn't do anything coz it's being taped live, so she had to continue smiling and announcing while the apparition just stood there.

Right after the show ended, she apparently quickly shoo-ed everyone out of the studio, telling them not to look behind them."

- Nadia

8. "The news reader felt someone breathe down her neck in the recording booth. The mic actually picked up the 'breath'."

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"I used to work as a producer for a popular morning show for a local radio station. One morning, I think it was around 7.30am, the DJs and I were in the main studio while the news presenter records her news bites in the recording booth.

Halfway through, she came out of the booth and asked if anyone went into the booth while she was recording. We said no. Then she told us she felt that there was someone behind her and had breathed down her neck.

We went into the booth, checked the recording... and found out that the breath had actually been picked up by the mic! So the recording was of her reading the news, then the breath, and her stopping to get out of the booth. The recording was actually played on-air later."

- Lola

9. "My manager and I heard the sound of running feet coming from the corridor right after we opened all the doors in the facility."

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"I used to work for a spa where I had to come in at the break of dawn. One time, I heard the sound of pens falling over coming from the reception counter just after I arrived. I was the only one there at the time.

On a separate occasion, when the opening hours were changed to a later time, my manager and I heard the sound of running feet along the wooden corridor right after we opened the doors of the therapy rooms to let the heat out. At first, we dismissed it, thinking we'd imagined it... then we heard them again!

Luckily, my manager kept some holy water in her office. The running footsteps stopped after she sprinkled some around the place."

- Shalini

10. "The ghosts came with that big machine from Taiwan."

"A friend had moved into a factory in Puchong Perdana some years back. Since it's a new business venture, he bought some new machines from Taiwan as well as other machinery and tools.

Problems started when the main machine kept breaking down and the electricity supply to the machine tripped regularly. The factory owner consulted a technician and was told that the machine was alright and the electric wiring might be the problem. So, he called in an electrician, but was told that there was nothing wrong with the wiring. The machine continued to break down occasionally. At this point, he'd consulted a few other electricians, but still, none of them could find any fault in the wiring.

One night, the factory owner was finishing his work until the early hours of the morning. As it was almost 3.00am by the time he was done with his work, he thought it would be a good idea just to spend the night at his office. He made sure everything - the lights, machines, etc. - was switched off except for the AC before he dozed off.

The next morning, he woke up with all the lights, machines and air-condition switched on. None of his workers had come to the factory yet.
He sensed something supernatural was at work, so he called for an Indian medium to visit the factory.

The medium told him something that surprised him more than anything. The medium said, "There are a pair of ghosts who are tormenting the factory."

"But how? This is a new building," the factory owner was puzzled.

The medium replied, "Yes, the ghost came with that big machine from Taiwan." He pointed to the main machine the factory owner had imported, together with the ghosts, from Taiwan. The medium then "caught" the two ghosts and put them in an urn before taking them away. The weird happenings around the factory never happened again.


Have you ever had a supernatural encounter in your workplace? Have you heard of any stories from your friends and relatives? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

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