These 20 Things Will Happen At Every Chinese Wedding Dinner

A lot of shenanigans can happen in three hours.

  • 1. The invite says "7pm sharp"... but dinner is only served at 8pm (or later). #hangryliao

  • 2. Watching the person at the reception table write your name on your angpow, wondering if they will judge you for only giving RM100

  • 3. There's always that one uncle who shows up in a polo tee, chino shorts, and sandals like he's not attending a formal event

  • 4. All your rarely-seen relatives exclaiming, "Wah, so grown up already!"

    • Which then leads to questions about your job, how much money you're making, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, when it's your turn to get married etc.

  • 5. Kids running everywhere. Kids popping out from nowhere. SO. MANY. KIDS.

    • This is where you realise how, er, busy your cousins have been since you last saw them.

  • 6. The fancy-looking menu with some of the most poetically named dishes you'll never see elsewhere

    • There's a "hidden meaning" in every dish one, ok.

  • 7. Having to stand up and clap when the newlyweds enter the room...

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    • ... Then immediately sitting down the moment they pass your table.

  • 8. YES THE FOOD IS HERE... no wait, you have to watch the food presentation with the epic music first

    • Sometimes there's fire and an orchestra. Yeah, Chinese people can be quite extra.

  • 9. When the roasted suckling pig makes an appearance and you know your angpow confirm cannot cover

  • 10. Nobody wants to take the last piece of food on the plate because pai seh (shy)

  • 11. The sad plate of rice that almost nobody touches because you're all too full already

  • 12. Nobody actually pays attention to the emcee because they're too busy eating

  • 13. Not even when he makes the newlyweds play some pretty cringey games onstage


  • 15. The very loud table at the back having their own party and yum seng-ing even without the bride and groom


  • 16. Drunken karaoke. Enough said.

  • 17. Aunties and/or family members disappearing halfway through the dinner to count angpow money

  • 18. The bride and groom disappearing halfway through the dinner to change into another set of outfits

    • Most of time, you'll only notice that they've changed into different outfits when they stop by your table for a toast.

  • 19. The bride and groom disappearing again near the end of the dinner because they have to say goodbye to the guests

  • 20. Aunties staying behind after the reception and asking caterers for leftovers. #TrueStory

    • That's all their kids are eating for the rest of the week - leftovers from a wedding dinner.

  • What other things do you typically see happen at a Chinese wedding dinner? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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