If You Work In An Office, You'll Totally Relate To These 12 Typical Lunch Situations

"What do you want to makan?" "Anything also can!"

  • Lunch time is THE best part of the working day, if we're all being real - and it's about to get even more awesome

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  • Here are just some of the familiar things that happen to all of us during our favourite part of the day:

  • 1. Going out to makan with the gang is just not complete without an exciting round of "Where to eat?"

    • When all else fails, you can always count on the lat tali lat method.

  • 2. When you find a place with amazing lunch sets

  • 3. When your colleagues want to try an atas place and you're focusing more on the prices in the menu than the actual dishes

    • And so begins the intricate game of "What's the cheapest thing here that can last me until tea time?".

  • 4. When your order gets mixed up and you're forever waiting for your food while everyone else is already eating

  • 5. And when your food arrives after everyone's done eating...

  • 6. The best is when it starts to rain while you eat. You get a legit excuse not to go back to the office!

  • 7. Your face when your boss invites you to lunch and you can't exactly say no

  • 8. When you're roped in for a lunch meeting and can't follow your gang out for makan

    • Looks like you're going to have to swap your al fresco lunch plans to al desko instead.

  • 9. When you're eating in the pantry and overhear the latest office drama from the watercooler gossip gang

    • You're coming back at tea time for the repeat broadcast for sure!

  • 10. When you compare your packed lunch to your colleagues' and get a serious case of #lunchenvy

  • 11. That moment when you're having a limp, cold sandwich and your cubicle neighbour offers you some of their warm and toasty lunch

  • 12. You know that, at the end of the day, an awesome lunch is all it takes to make you happy!

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