9 Reasons KL Drivers Fear For Their Lives When Driving In Penang

It's because we don't have a 'P' number plate, isn't it. :(

  • 1. Two words - Penang drivers, notorious for being crazy the moment they hit the road

    • Penangites are generally nice people, but it's a whole different story on the road. Some Penang drivers always seem to be in a hurry - cutting queues, beating traffic lights, honking at drivers who stick to the speed limit etc.

  • 2. You never know which lane to stick to because they switch lanes every five seconds. Oh, they like driving on dotted lines too.

  • 3. P***ed off a hot-tempered one? Prepare to be greeted with a special hand sign throughout your journey.

  • 4. There are so many motorbikes everywhere. SO. MANY.

    • No, you cannot ram through them even though they are in the middle of the road. That's illegal.

  • 5. You gotta be careful when making a turning, coz there could be a car randomly (and haphazardly) parked on the side

  • 6. To make things worse, the roads are reeeaaally narrow

    • So narrow you feel like you're gonna bump into the car next to you if you move 1cm to the side.

  • 7. Not only that, they can be pretty confusing! A two-way street today might become a one-way street the next time you're in Penang. What even...

    • Don't even get us started on the many, many random lorongs branching out from the main roads.

  • 8. Think KL traffic is bad? Wait 'til you see Penang's peak hour chaos...

    • Good luck trying to switch lanes; Penang drivers are most likely to inch closer to the car in front of them than let you cut in front of them.

  • 9. To put it simply, if you don't have a 'P' number plate, you're definitely gonna get bullied on the road. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • KL drivers, what's the scariest thing about driving in Penang? Let us know in the comments below!

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