[VIDEO] A Malaysian Tells Us The Coolest Thing About Being A Professional Magician

From street magic to fire shows!

  • Have you ever tried to figure out the secrets behind a magic trick?

  • We asked Vikey, a professional magician and illusionist, to share his journey. Here's what he had to say:

  • Vikey started out as a clown when he was just a teenager with a passion to make people smile

    • "There's a lack of clowns. We need clowns to perform in Kelantan."

  • It's certainly not an easy road to success but Vikey persisted, even going against his parents' wishes

    • "And I wanted to pursue my studies overseas in the magic field. The first thing they [my parents] said was NO."

  • Want to pursue your passion professionally? Vikey has some advice for you...

    • "You should also save so you can support your passion and your ambition in life."

  • It can be difficult to pursue your passion professionally, which is why it's important to start saving now

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