Malaysian Woman Jailed In Singapore For Staging Fake Accidents To File Insurance Claims

She submitted a total of about SGD37,000 (RM115,241) in claims.

  • A Malaysian woman has been sentenced to jail in Singapore for making false insurance claims from staged road accidents

    • Channel NewsAsia reported that 28-year-old Rekha Tandaeduban had submitted insurance claims amounting to about SGD37,000 (RM115,241) for the staged accidents.

      A Singapore court found her guilty of two counts of conspiring to cheat NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative and AXA Insurance Singapore, sentencing her to a 14-month jail term.

  • She also pleaded guilty to two other charges - making a false police report and reckless driving

    • It was said that Rekha was hired by a syndicate to stage the accidents. The syndicate's modus operandi involves hiring Malaysians and provide them with cars to stage accidents in the city-state.

      The syndicate also hires "phantom passengers" who would make false witness reports to be part of the scam.

      They would be paid in commission from the insurance payouts made from injury claims in relation to the staged accidents.

  • Rekha entered Singapore in 2012 with two Malaysians accomplices - Navaneethan Tiban Sanggu (Navin), 30 and Tang Jui Peng, 41

    • They met up with another group of Malaysians, two of whom were asked to pose as passengers.

      Tang then briefed Rekha on what was to be done before she drove off with Navin as a front seat passenger and two others at the back. Under orders from Navin, Rekha slammed the brakes while en route on a highway, causing a lorry to crash into the rear of their car.

      The following day, Rekha filed an insurance claim for damages and legal costs amounting to SGD14,246 (RM44,368).

      However, the insurer felt something was amiss and didn't proceed with the payment.

  • In the second staged accident, Rekha used a different car but with a similar modus operandi

    • A SGD22,755 (RM70,890) claim was submitted the following day. She managed to secure a payout this time, SGD4,200 (RM13,083) in total.

  • In her defence, Rekha said she did not receive any commission and was forced to commit the offences

    • Navin is facing charges for his involvement in the conspiracy. Tang, and another accomplice, remain at large. 

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