Mum To Parents: Be Careful If Your Kids Have This Toy At Home

A 16-month-old child ended up getting injured after his finger got stuck in a toy.

  • A 16-month-old boy was recently sent to the hospital after he was injured while playing with a popular toy

    • Facebook user Chell Shukapooh took to social media to remind parents to be mindful when children play with toys as her son, Danish, was left bleeding and hurt during play time.

      "This is my son. A reminder to all parents out there. This toy has caused my son's nails removed because they cannot be saved anymore," she wrote in the post yesterday, 12 October.

      It was learned that Danish's index finger was injured as his right hand was stuck inside the toy.

  • "This thing looks harmless, but this is what happened to my son."

    • According to Chell, her son inserted his finger into a small opening on the toy and got his finger stuck in it.

      "He tried to forcibly remove his finger until his finger tips was injured and almost broke off due to the increasing pressure as the monkey's hands was pressed together," she explained.

  • She also included a series of photos in her post to illustrate how the incident happened

    • Chell used a wooden stick to demonstrate how her son's finger was inserted into a hole on the toy.

      One of the photos that she shared depicts a wooden broken stick. It is believed that the stick was broken during the demonstration.

      To operate the toy, one just needs to pull down the yellow banana, which acts as a lever that will make the monkey clap the cymbals above its head.

  • Chell cautioned parents to be careful and keep an eye on their children, especially those who are still young

    • "(I'm afraid) that the same thing will happen when kids snatch toys from one another."

      She added that a toddler's skin is often thinner and more fragile. This is why it could be easily hurt by things that may not be dangerous to an adult, but are actually harmful to young children.

      "Don't be like me, to only regret after the incident happened. I have to go to the hospital every day to keep Danish's wounds clean," she said.

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