Najib's Advice For Civil Servants: Do Not Take What Belongs To The 'Rakyat'

The prime minister reminded civil servants of their duty after MACC arrested several government officials under suspicion of corruption recently.

  • In his first address to civil servants in 2017, PM Najib Razak advised government officials to not deny Malaysians' rights by getting involved in corruption

  • "Measures taken by the MACC in the past day or two remind us to not take the rights of the people. It belongs to the people. Everything we do is for the people," Najib said.

    • "Do not take the people's rights because we created provisions, programs, and the budget for the people. If there are 'leaks', the people will be disappointed and lose confidence," he added during the Prime Minister's Department monthly assembly earlier today.

  • Najib was referring to the arrest of several government officials by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) recently, with the latest being a ministry sec-gen and his two sons

      • 078b Image via MACC via NST
        MACC officers escorting the secretary-general out of the magistrate's court on 5 January.
    • Last week, secretary-general of the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, Datuk Mohd. Arif Abdul Rahman and his two sons were arrested by MACC for allegedly abusing power and accepting bribes. More than RM3 million worth of items were seized from the sec-gen's residence, including luxury watches and handbags, foreign currency, cash, gold bars and fountain pens.

  • MACC uncovered one of the largest corruption cases in Malaysia last year when they arrested two civil servants in Sabah and seized over RM75 million of items:

  • In other news, there have been some differing opinions by the Finance Ministry and financial analysts when it comes to the ringgit's future:

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