This 19-Year-Old Motorcyclist Crashed And Rode Straight To A Grave In Melaka

PS: The story contains graphic image of the victim. Viewer discretion advised.

  • Cover image via NST
  • Last night, 11:15pm 17 March, a Level One agricultural student from University College of Agroscience Malaysia in Ayer Paabas, died in a poetic manner when he literally rode himself to an early grave

    • He has been identified as Muhammad Faiz Akmal Mohd Radzali. He was riding his motorcycle from Ayer Paabas to Lendu, according to NST.

      His death has been certified as severe head injuries by a doctor.

      According to the State Traffic Department head Superintendent Mohd Sham Abdullah, the case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for causing death by dangerous driving, reported NST.

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        E6d2 Image via NST
        Graphic image of the victim.
  • So what happened?

    • Muhammad Faiz crashed into a cemetery along Jalan Lendu and landed on a grave.

      According to the report by NST, the 19-year-old student lost control of his motorcycle and skidded to the left side of the road. He then crashed through the gates of the cemetery and was flung off his motorcycle before fatally landing on a concrete grave.

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