[VIDEO] 20KG Snake Crawls Out From Bathroom Of A House In Kedah Like It's No Big Deal

It looks like a huge leech.

  • This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

    A goosebump-inducing video showing a giant black snake slithering out from a bathroom has gone viral on social media.

    • The creature, which probably ascended to earth from the depths of hell, was caught on camera in a brief six-second video by Zulaikha Hannani, who lives with her family in Kodiang, Kedah.

      Zulaikha's brother Lutfi Asraf Mat Zuki told NST that he was about to enter the bathroom when he noticed something moving inside the squat toilet bowl. The 28-year-old immediately rushed out to alert his mother.

  • The snake was making its way out of the bathroom and into the house before it was caught by Lufti, together with the help of his brother and father

    • "The creature then slithered out from the toilet to the bathroom. At first we were too afraid to get near it but we mustered our courage to catch it before it made it into the house," he said.

      Lutfi's father Mat Zuki Yaakob believed that the 20kg reptile could have entered the toilet bowl through a water discharge pipe located at the sewerage tank.

  • The family kept the snake for two days before letting it go in a canal

    • The incident has left the family traumatised. They now take extra precautions when using the toilet.

      This was the second time a snake had entered the family's house. The first was a python, two years ago.

  • Kedah Perhilitan director Inche Ali @ Muhammad Ali Che Aman said the snake in the video was an elephant trunk snake, which is harmless and could be found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam

    • Also commonly known as ular karung guni, the reptile is a non-venomous aquatic snake. Most of the snake’s time is spent underwater. It can be found in warm freshwaters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. These snakes live near the coasts of rivers, streams, canals, lagoons, and estuaries.

  • Watch the serpent in all its glory below:

    • Posted by Zul Hanif on Friday, October 6, 2017
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