There’s A New Viral Trend Telling iPhone Users To Say '108' To Siri. Don’t Do It

The Internet throws up one of its dumbest pranks in recent times.

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  • If someone ever tells you to say the number 108 to Siri - for the love of god, please don't do it

    • A new prank has been making rounds on social media and it involves saying 108 to Apple's virtual assistant, Siri.

    • Some say it initiates a three-way Facetime convo, while others promise something hilarious to happen.

      Well, that's all BS.

  • You see, the result is a joke that's not even funny. Saying "Hey Siri, 108" will instruct Siri to call the emergency services for you.

    • Others went even further and suggested you "close your eyes for five seconds."

      This is because Siri gives you that long to change your mind so if you can't see, you're connected before you realise it.

  • 108 is an emergency number for police and ambulances in India, meaning dialing it elsewhere might re-route the caller to that country’s emergency services

    • Prank calls are not funny. According to The Star Online, the MERS 999 response centres received more than 25.5 million calls, 17 million of them were "silent calls".

      Why this prank is dangerous - unnecessary calls add strain to an already overstretched emergency services system. Callers could also wind up in trouble for wasting emergency service workers’ time.

  • Instead of causing trouble, there are plenty of fun things you can ask Siri without taking up emergency services' valuable time. Why not try, "what is zero divided by zero?"

    • Be prepared for a mindblowing answer.

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