11 Official YouTube Channels Where You Can Stream Your Favourite Shows & Movies For Free

Yes, there are legal and free shows and movies uploaded on YouTube.

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Bored at home and ran out of shows to watch on your paid streaming platforms?

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Fret not. SAYS is here to recommend 11 YouTube channels that you can watch shows and movies for free:

Hong Kong's top series production and television channel TVB has been a staple in Malaysian households for decades.

Now, you can enjoy the same dramas you are familiar with on its free-to-stream YouTube channel. Best of all, it even has Bahasa Melayu subtitles in some shows.

Genres: Police, court, family, period, sitcom, variety show

Notable shows: Journey To The West, Forensic Heroes, Triumph In The Skies, Super Trio Season 8

Visit its YouTube channel here.

2. CCTV 电视剧

CCTV has over 50 television channels in China. On YouTube, the giant broadcaster dedicated a channel to upload many of its binge-worthy series.

Among them is Magic City, starring famed actress Zhou Dongyu and Hong Kong actor Simon Yam. It's definitely a great place to spend your after-work hours.

Genres: Romance, fantasy, palace, period, war, comedy

Notable shows: Royal Sister Return, Magic City, The Era Of Emperor Yongzheng, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, The 38th Parallel, Angel's Smile

Visit its YouTube channel here.


Image via YOUKU (YouTube)

YOUKU is China's biggest web streaming video platform. However, if you decide not to download their apps on Google Play or Apple App Store, you can still catch a handful of shows for free on its YouTube channel.

Whether it is a talk show, talent show, or wuxia, YOUKU has it all. Some shows even have English subtitles too.

Genres: Wuxia, romance, talent show, talk show, documentary, period, science-fiction

Notable shows: World Of Honor, Fall In Love, Love And Redemption, WayV Dream Plan, Street Dance of China, Day and Night Season

Visit its YouTube channel here.


You have YOUKU for variety shows and drama series, now you have YOUKU MOVIE for feature-length films.

If you have always liked CGI monster movies, you are in for a treat here. If you don't, the channel also has many action-packed blockbusters that will leave you at the edge of the seat.

Genres: Monster, apocalypse, survival, wuxia, comedy, action

Notable movies: King Of Snake, Big Octopus, Variation Hydra, Snow Monster, The Monkey King: Demon City, Mountain King

Visit its YouTube channel here.

5. Muse Asia

Can't find your favourite anime on your paid streaming platforms? Maybe you can find it here on Muse Asia's YouTube channel.

The company is headquartered in Taiwan and is a well-rounded animation agent and distributor in the region. All anime on its YouTube channel have English subtitles.

Genres: Fantasy, action, comedy, slice of life

Notable anime: One Punch Man, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, Tokyo Revengers, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Mushoku Tensei, If It's For My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat A Demon Lord

Visit its YouTube channel here.

6. Ani-One Asia

Ani-One is a diversified Japanese animation content platform wholly owned by Medialink Group, a content distributor based in Hong Kong.

On its YouTube channel, it features many popular anime and special episodes of anime, also known as original video animation (OVA).

Genres: Mecha, action, slice of life, fantasy, comedy, sports

Notable anime: Haikyu!! OVA, No Game No Life, Infinite Dendrogram, Code Geass Lelouch Of The Rebellion, Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor, Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches

Visit its YouTube channel here.

7. 芒果TV青春剧场 MGTV Drama

MGTV is a high-quality online video platform based in Hunan, China. It is operated by Mgtv.com, a subsidiary of Mango Excellent Media.

On its YouTube channel, it hosts various kinds of romance series, such as period romcom and e-sports romance, among others. Some of the series have English subtitles too.

Genres: Romance, period, fantasy, coming of age

Notable shows: Love The Way You Are, Perfect And Casual, Fake Princess, Meeting You, Gank Your Heart

Visit its YouTube channel here.

8. China Hunan TV Official Channel

If you are looking for a good mix of series and variety shows in one YouTube channel, China Hunan TV Official Channel could be the one you are looking for.

Established in 1997, the provincial satellite TV station in Hunan, China entertains millions of viewers every day. The most popular videos on the channel are clips of popular singers' performances, including Malaysian Shila Amzah.

Genres: Talent show, variety show, romance, coming of age

Notable shows: I Am A Singer, Where Are We Going, Dad?, Happy Camp, Run For Time, The Trick of Life and Love

Visit its YouTube channel here.

9. NewTV热播剧场 Hit Drama

NewTV curates the very best of CCTV content from China and shares them with audiences from all over the world. On its YouTube channel, it has over 114 playlists filled with series and movies. If you are a fan of Dilraba Dilmurat, you can find her series Hot Girl here.

The channel also has animated movies that come with English dubbing too. Some series have English subtitles as well.

Genres: Period, war, fantasy, action, family film, wuxia

Notable shows: She Is Beautiful, Hot Girl, Qin Dynasty Epic, Shi Cha Hai, The Condor Heroes

Visit its YouTube channel here.

10. 腾讯视频 - 华语经典剧场 (Tencent Video)

This channel is owned by social media giant Tencent and it is called Tencent Video in English. You may also know it as v.qq.com based on its official webpage's URL.

The two series with the most views on the channel are The King's Avatar and Scumbag System, both of which are animated series based on popular Chinese web novels.

Other than animated series, the channel also has an array of high-production series. Scroll to the bottom of the channel to find all the channels owned by Tencent. There is a channel dedicated to English audiences called WeTV English among them.

Genres: Animated, war, wuxia, crime, detective, fantasy

Notable shows: The King's Avatar, Scumbag System, Fearless Whispers, Trace, The Imperial Coroner, Tencent Video All Star Night

Visit its YouTube channel here.

11. Zhejiang STV Official Channel

Are you a fan of South Korea's Running Man? Then maybe you will like the Chinese version of the variety show, as its members include Deng Chao, Angelababy, Li Chen, and many more.

On the channel, you can also find many talent shows featuring popular guest stars, such as Jay Chou and JJ Lin, in Sound of My Dream and Chinese Dream Show.

If you want to see your favourite Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Southeast Asian pop stars in variety shows, chances are you will find them on Zhejiang STV Official Channel.

Genres: Game show, variety show, talent show

Notable shows: Trump Card, Keep Running, Sound of My Dream, Chinese Dream Show, Back to Youth 

Visit its YouTube channel here.

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