11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

The ‘Mad Max’ franchise is considered a prime example of the post-apocalyptic action genre, yet not much is known about its upcoming fourth film, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

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1. 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is a reboot of the original 'Mad Max' franchise, which featured Mel Gibson in the titular role

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2. The entire 'Saw' horror franchise would not have existed if not for the first 'Mad Max' movie

'Saw' creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell credit the film's final scene, in which Johnny is given the option of cutting off either the resistant chain or his own foot to escape, for inspiring the entire 'Saw' series.

3. Pop singer Ke$ha's 'Get $leazy Tour' was heavily influenced by the post-apocalyptic vibe in the 'Mad Max' series... plus a lot of glitter

Several of the costumes she and her friends wear throughout the show are very reminiscent of characters throughout the Mad Max franchise.

4. The fourth entry to the 'Mad Max' franchise spent close to 15 years in development

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Director George Miller had been brainstorming for 'Fury Road' since 2000, but various conflicts got in the way. The movie was almost filmed on location in Namibia in 2003 with Mel Gibson in the lead, until it was put on hold due to security concerns arising from the Iraq War. Filming was then set for Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia until extremely high rainfall caused the area to start blooming with flowers.

In between all that, Mel Gibson dropped out of the film, Heath Ledger was rumoured to replace him, and Miller briefly considered going down the 3D animation route before going back to live action.

Production eventually got underway in 2012 in Namibia, with reshoots in 2013. By the time the movie hits theatres in May 2015, it would have been three years out from when shooting started.

5. Due to repeated delays in production, photos of some uber-cool vehicles from 'Fury Road' had already began popping up online waaaay before filming actually began

Besides the good old V8 Interceptor, a number of cars were specifically constructed for the film, including a large tanker, something best described as a porcupine on wheels, and another car that looks like it’s a cartoon bomb that somehow drives. In short, all of these look very cool, and very original.


6. Jeremy Renner ('Avengers', 'The Hurt Locker') was said to have auditioned to be the new Max Rockatansky after Mel Gibson dropped out of the project

7. The role eventually went to Tom Hardy, who played Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'. The English actor has already signed on for three more 'Mad Max' sequels.

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8. Charlize Theron shaved her head for her role as Imperator Furiosa, resulting in her having to wear a wig while filming 'A Million Ways To Die In The West'

Charlize Theron in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' (left) and 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' (right)

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9. Hugh Keays-Byrne a.k.a. villain Immortan Joe in 'Fury Road' also played bad guy The Toecutter in the first 'Mad Max' film

Immortan Joe (left) and The Toecutter (right)

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10. The film's storyboard of 3,500 panels was created before the script was even finalised, because director George Miller envisioned the film as a continuous chase focusing on the visuals with very little dialogue

“I wanted to tell a linear story–a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes,” says the Australian writer-director. Fury Road features few digital effects and even less dialogue, he explains. “In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed.”


11. More than 80% of the effects in the film are real practical effects, stunts, make-up and sets

CGI was used sparingly mainly to enhance the Namibian landscape, remove stunt rigging and for Charlize Theron's left hand which in the film is a prosthetic arm."


Intrigued yet? Watch the explosive and totally insane trailer here:

Remember the road warrior. After three decades of chaos, #MadMaxMY has returned.

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'Mad Max: Fury Road' is set to ride into Malaysian cinemas on 14 May 2015

Directed by George Miller, 'Mad Max: Fury Road' stars Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zoë Kravitz, and Hugh Keays-Byrne.