19-Year-Old Local Singer Finally Got To Buy His Dream Car... But He Can't Drive It Yet

Haqiem Rusli's fans admired his new ride and congratulated him.

Cover image via @haqiemrusli98_/Instagram

A 19-year-old local artist has been turning heads for buying his first ever car at such a young age

Haqiem Rusli (whose real name is Ridzuan Haqiem Rusli) could not contain his excitement and took to social media on 21 October to share with his followers that he is now the proud owner of a Mitsubishi Lancer.

"At first I wanted to buy a Honda City sedan, but my mother suggested to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer," he said when met at a press conference at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) recently, Astro Gempak reported.

Haqiem, who was named as the runner-up for the first season of local reality programme 'Idola Kecil' in 2008, has only been in the industry for a little more than a year since his debut as a singer in September last year. The young teenager has been under the spotlight and doing well in the music scene ever since then.

According to Haqiem, he bought his new ride with his hard-earned cash that he has been saving all these while

Quite a number of his fans on social media commended Haqiem for using his own finances to buy a car instead of depending on his parents.

Many netizens also congratulated the young man, saying that his hard work has paid off and that he thoroughly deserves it.

Earlier, the teenager revealed that he does not have a driving license

"I have my own car now, (but I don't have) a license yet," he wrote in a post on Instagram. 

To this, many of his fans urged him to quickly get a license first before taking a ride in his new car. 

Image via Instagram

Meanwhile, it appears that Haqiem already has plans on what to do next besides focusing on his music career. He wants to set up a franchise business selling burgers.

With his future looking brighter than ever since he was signed to FMC Music, Haqiem wants to start his own business to ensure that he has another stream of income. 

"I am a person who loves to save and (I) plan to open a burger franchise next year. I see many popular artists who fail to manage finances well, when they fall they lose everything," he was quoted as saying by Astro Gempak.

Haqiem told reporters that he thinks "business is better to guarantee the future of an artist", adding that he has plans to open the first outlet at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur.

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