[VIDEO] Malaysian Woman Shows Why You Should Never Play 'Tag' With An Evil Spirit

Or reading rituals from story books and soaking in bath tubs, really.

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The Hungry Ghost Festival may be well over, but another ghostly 'holiday' is fast upon us - it's almost Halloween!

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In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, the '3 Doors of Horrors' trilogy is making a comeback for its 3rd edition with an all-new series of spine-chilling supernatural short films

The trilogy is produced by acclaimed Malaysian director James Lee's production company, Doghouse 73 Pictures, and is mainly distributed on YouTube. Having started its run in 2013, the short film series has seen involvement from the likes of homegrown talents such as Steve Yap, Koe Yeet, Joseph Germani, Azman Hassan, as well as local production companies such as GRIM FILM and Black Cat.

Kicking of this year's series is the Zeacth Liew-directed '1, 2, 3', a suspenseful story of schoolgirl Mako who accidentally conjured an evil spirit when she recited a ritual that was supposed to be an urban legend

As expected, she unwittingly got herself involved in a cat-and-mouse game of tag when the evil spirit began following her around. Here's the kicker: The game ends if the spirit manages to touch her.

Desperate to find a way out, she sought help from the author of the horror book in which the ritual was written in... only to drag the author into the same nightmare!

Will they get rid of the ghostly white wraith before it 'tags' either one of them? Watch the short film to find out:

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Do keep a look out for the next 2 shorts! Meanwhile, check out previous editions of the '3 Doors of Horrors' trilogy here.

These short films might be fiction, but these spooky urban legends from the notorious Karak Highway may be otherwise:

Are your hairs standing on end yet? Let's bring the scariness down a notch:

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