6 Villains You Can't Help But Root For (More Than The Main Characters Themselves)

If you only ever like the heroes, you're lying to yourself.

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What is it about villains that make us feel so much for them?

Here are some villains we hate to love:

1. Godzilla from Godzilla (1954-2022) is a kaiju that poses a threat to humankind by causing mass destruction in his wake

Image via Comicbook

Godzilla is a kaiju (creature) created from the result of an atomic bomb testing by humans on the ocean floor, where it had been hibernating and became mutated as a result. Humans classified it as a threat to humankind, but is Godzilla actually a villainous creature?

At the beginning of the franchise, Godzilla was portrayed as a destructive creature, but its role as an antagonist slowly transformed. Among the deadly kaiju it has fought, its strongest opponent is undoubtedly King Ghidorah. In Ghidorah (1964), Godzilla was pit to fight against King Ghidorah, a three-headed monster seeking to destroy the Earth that Godzilla considers home.

Throughout the franchise, Godzilla only leaves hibernation whenever there are threats from other creatures. To consider Godzilla as a villainous creature with no other sole purpose than to destroy worlds is to think wrongly. In its fairness, Godzilla only existed as a result of humanity's failures, and it only ever wanted to protect its habitat.

Image via Science Fiction

2. Killmonger from Black Panther (2018) had no problem committing genocide and planning a world war

Image via IndieWire

Killmonger is a villain who sought revenge on Wakanda and wanted to start a war on the oppressors of Black people.

Erik Killmonger was just a child when he lost his father from being killed by King T'chaka and then completely abandoned by Wakanda. The main reason his uncle killed his father was because Erik's father attempted to use Wakanda's resources to end the oppression of Black people around the world.

However, because Wakanda holds a policy of isolation, the nation refused to be involved with the global politics and treated Killmonger's father as a traitor.

Filled with bitter resentment, Killmonger aimed to overthrow Wakanda and would stop at nothing to continue his father's dreams. Although he failed his mission and died, his efforts, even in its extremes, pushed the Black Panther to put a stop to Wakanda's isolation policy.

Image via Comicbook

3. Geto Suguru from Jujutsu Kaisen is a homicidal bigot, to put in simple terms, who committed mass destruction in order to wipe out non-sorcerers he thinks are worthless

Image via One Esports

Geto Suguru was a powerful sorcerer who was initially righteous and had a strong moral compass. His power as a sorcerer required him to ingest curses in order to exorcise them.

He was initially part of the strongest duo alongside Gojo Satoru, but as Gojo became stronger, Geto was left behind and isolated, as he was stuck in a cycle of exorcising and consuming curses with little to no support from the Jujutsu society. This caused his mental health to deteriorate as time went by.

However, his final push into madness was during an assignment, where he had to help the villagers exorcise the curses plaguing the village. When Geto discovered that two young girls were kept in a cage just because they could see and use curses, he went against the Jujutsu rules and wiped out the entire village to rescue them. This caused him to be exiled from the Jujutsu world.

Having to deal with ignorant and entitled non-sorcerers as well as ingesting curses on an almost daily basis, his experiences as a Jujutsu sorcerer has been less than amicable, causing Geto to aim for a world without non-sorcerers who he believed were inferior.

Image via Fandom

4. The Scarlet Witch, from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), warped realities and killed a lot of people in an attempt to get what she wanted

Image via IGN SEA

Wanda Maximoff, or better known as the Scarlet Witch, was part of the Avengers before she became evil. She possessed the ability of Chaos Magic and is one of the most powerful Marvel characters.

The first incident where Wanda went against the Avengers was in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) where she and her brother Pietro teamed up with Ultron to get revenge against Tony Stark and the Stark Industries for producing the weapons that killed their parents. By the end of it, Pietro also lost his life saving Hawkeye and a child from Ultron, and left Wanda without any living family.

Then, she also lost Vision in Avengers: Endgame (2019) to Thanos, further pulling her into deep grief. To cope, Wanda ended up taking over an entire town to create a fantasy life where she had two kids, and Vision and Pietro were still alive.

When she realised that controlling an entire town didn't get her exactly what she wanted, she started seeking the powers of the Darkhold to realise her dreams to be in a universe where she still had her children and Vision.

Image via Insider

5. Stinky Pete, from Toy Story 2 (1999), is a manipulative liar who likes to ruin the lives of other toys

Image via Fandom

Initially introduced as a seemingly kind and understanding character, it soon became obvious that Stinky Pete was up to no good. Stinky Pete is a side character in Woody's TV show. Due to his character being less popular compared to Woody, no kids ever want to play with him.

He spent his whole life watching as other toys get bought and played with while he sat alone on the shelf, until he was eventually sold to a collector. Even then, he was still stuck in his box. 

It came as no surprise to viewers when Stinky Pete started turning into a villain. He chose to manipulate and lie to other toys just so he can get a chance to be put in a museum. While his methods were questionable, it's understandable that, at the end of the day, the only thing Stinky Pete ever wanted was to be accepted and loved by children, just like every other toy.

Image via Fandom

6. Loki, first seen in Thor (2011), is a narcissist who will do everything in his power to get things to go his way

Image via IGN

But then he was just trying to get Odin's approval, albeit by offering Asgard to the Frost Giants just so he can attempt to be a hero and save it. 

Not the greatest plan in hindsight due to him finding out that he was actually a Frost Giant, a race of monsters known to be seen as less than equal by Asgardians. 

It didn't help that for his whole life, prior to that discovery, Loki had been feeling like he had been second-fiddle to Thor, who was also heavily favoured by Odin. Knowing that he hails from an 'inferior' race and had his birth family wiped out just to be treated like an unwanted child, it's no wonder Loki became a villain. Also, why is he so friggin' hot?!

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Here's another villain we can't help but love:

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