64-Year-Old Malaysian Musician Reveals He Married His 21-Year-Old Fan

The couple has a six-month-old daughter together.

Cover image via Harian Metro

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Halim Yazid, a 64-year-old Malaysian musician, recently revealed that he married a second wife, who is 43 years younger than him

According to Halim, he exchanged vows with 21-year-old Nurul Farhana Asyikin in November 2022.

Speaking to Malay daily mStar, Halim shared that the 43-year age gap between him and his young second wife is not a barrier to love and happiness. He added that they have a six-month-old daughter together.

He described that the two met in a unique way

"My introduction to my second wife is quite unique since she used to babysit my cousin's child, [and] then we met on social media," he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro yesterday, 22 February.

"It's interesting because she is also from Kelantan and is a big fan of mine. Although she's young, she is actually familiar with the songs that I sing," added the dikir barat performer, who also hails from Kelantan.

Image via Harian Metro

Halim also shared that while his first and second wives have yet to meet, there's no animosity between the two

"I can say that my first wife is aware of our relationship and they don't fight," he said while expressing gratitude towards his first wife, with whom he has eight children.

Halim, known for his song Anak Tupai, was met at an announcement event for the Zikir Dikir Concert set to take place on 3 May at the Convention Centre in Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu, reported the New Straits Times.

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