We Didn’t Expect This Live Show In Genting To Turn Out Like This

We were so relieved not to be chosen as "volunteers"!

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Confession: when we were first invited to watch Aaron Crow 'Fearless' in Genting, we weren't really all that excited about it

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If you've seen one magic show you've seen them all right?

But after doing some research on him, we came across his Britain's Got Talent audition footage and realised that he wasn't your average magician.

Okay so all the judges including the notoriously hard-to-please Simon Cowell gave him a resounding "YES!" each but we still didn't really get why there was so much buzz surrounding him.

So off we went, oh-so-naively thinking that we'd just be sitting back and politely applauding our way through the show.


We were totally unprepared and 101% MIND. BLOWN. when...

SPOILER ALERT for those of you planning to watch for yourselves. Yes, you can still catch the show from now until 15 May 2016.

1. We saw him pour HOT MELTED CANDLE WAX all over his eyes #YOLO

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As part of his ‘Supravision’ act, he first pours hot melted candle wax over his eyes before completely wrapping up his face with aluminium foil to create the ultimate blindfold!

He somehow still manages to walk around the stage without stumbling or walking into anything like us mere mortals would AND THEN also manages to perfectly slice various objects held by audience members with 3 different weapons.

We’re convinced he’s actually a real life ninja!

Fun fact: Aaron loves his man-with-a-blade persona so much that he would make it his superhero persona (just like Deadpool!) given the chance.

2. We witnessed him swallowing huge needles and saw him become a human 'sewing machine'

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3 needles and a long strand of thread went down his throat separately but somehow came back up together! HOW EVEN?!

Fun fact: Aaron developed this act in order to help him overcome a childhood trauma which involved him accidentally swallowing needles :O

3. When we saw him risk impaling his hand again and again

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So you’re telling me whenever I slam down this sledgehammer you’re going to crush a paper bag that may or may not have a hunter’s knife under it with your bare hands?

Man, are we glad we weren’t picked for this act, talk about pressure!

Fun fact: If he could have any superpower in the world, Aaron would like to have the power to read people and influence their minds which he thinks would come in handy with this act. Anyone else just felt a chill go down their spine at the thought of Aaron mind controlling you?

4. When his marksmanship skills left us stunned

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Katniss may have the Capitol cowering in fear of her bow and arrow but Aaron makes her look like a total amateur in his ‘Bowman’ act when he shoots a through a cored apple and pins the wedding ring inside it to a target.

This act is made all the more special with the participation of a real life couple from the audience. A slight movement from either of them may cause a deadly error. What a way to put your relationship to the test eh?

How Aaron give the couple back their wedding ring :P

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Fun fact: This is Aaron’s favourite act because he’s a romantic at heart and loves the story and build up involved… awwwww!

Oh and here's a little PSA: avoiding eye contact won't help you not get chosen as a victim volunteer, if Aaron wants you on stage, he'll get you on stage so brace yourself!

What you WON'T be doing when Aaron starts walking through the crowd looking for people to join his acts.

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BONUS: Aaron isn’t the only one with #madskills, his crew is pretty badass too

We totally feel for this woman who had to watch the hilarious yet awe-inspiring Rudy Coby hammer a nail INTO HIS NOSE AND THEN PULL IT OUT from up close.

And then there's these girls. They're incredibly gorgeous AND they can do things that we can't even dream of attempting? Life just isn’t fair sometimes…

Aaron Crow 'Fearless' is running for about two months so there's plenty of time for you to head up to Genting to check it out

Date: 18 March 2016 - 15 May 2016
Time: 4 PM (Saturday, Sunday and selected dates only) & 9 PM (Monday - Saturday)
No Show Dates: 4, 5, 6, 11, 18 and 25 April 2016 & 2 and 9 May 2016
Location: Genting International Showroom

Trust us, it's so worth the trip!

What better way to escape this recent heat wave?

Fingers crossed that we'll see them performing here soon!