Action Thriller Movie 'ANNA' Is Set To Be Crazy Exciting & Has A Super Badass Female Lead

It stars Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy.

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Looking for a good dose of excitement? Upcoming action thriller movie 'ANNA' is just the thing to liven up your day and have you at the edge of your seat! Check out the trailer below:

Titular character Anna Poliatova may seem like just another typical high fashion model at first, but behind that beautiful face hides a deadly secret. Watch her unleash her indelible strength and skill as she strives to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

Starring newcomer Sasha Luss as Anna herself, as well as Hollywood favourites Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy, 'ANNA' is set to be a thrilling ride from start to end.

The role of Anna is expected to be a breakout performance for Russian model-turned-actress Sasha Luss

Having been involved in the performing arts scene since she was a child, Sasha switched to modeling at the age of 13 after an ankle injury stopped her from continuing to pursue ballet.

Around the time Sasha was getting frustrated with modeling, she was cast to play a small role in 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' by director Luc Besson, marking her debut as an actress. Impressed by her passion and determination to succeed as an actress, Luc Besson later offered her the lead role in 'ANNA'.

No doubt one of the most challenging things about 'ANNA' is the number of action scenes in the movie

In an interview with Vulture, Sasha Luss talked about the intense training she went through in preparation to play lethal assassin Anna, whose deadly skills include jujitsu grappling and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Her 2-month long training with the movie's action choreographers took place five times a week and would last for up to six hours a day. She even continued training throughout principal photography.

"I knew there were going to be a lot of fighting scenes, and I'm not a very sporty person, I have have a dancing background, which I thought would help; it did not," she told Vulture. "Physically, it was hard. It was long. It was exhausting. A lot of people ask me who got beaten up the most and I'm like, 'me!' "

All that training definitely paid off though, as even in the trailer alone we can see how she perfectly executes difficult action moves and expertly fights off assailants. Talk about badass!

As director Luc Besson is known for introducing audiences to unknown female actresses who later go on to become superstars, many now have their eye on Sasha Luss

His previously unknown leading ladies include Milla Jovovich in 'The Fifth Element', Natalie Portman in 'The Professional', Anne Parillaud in 'La Femme Nikita', and Cara Delevingne in 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'.

We'll have to wait and see how Sasha Luss' career as an actress continues to unfold but she's certainly determined to make a name for herself. She's even made it her goal to win an Oscar in five years!

Catch 'ANNA' in local cinemas nationwide from 25 July 2019 onwards!

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