Japanese YouTuber In Malaysia Tries MILO From 4 Countries & Describes The Different Tastes

Aki had a chat with SAYS to share his opinion on the differences.

Cover image via Aki from Japan (YouTube)

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If you've tasted MILO in other countries, you might have noticed that it often tastes slightly different from the one you're used to

It's because the drink actually has numerous recipes all over the world. 

For example, Malaysia manufactures its own version of the chocolate malt drink, while Australia has its own recipe to suit the tastes and preferences of its consumers.

Aki, a popular Japanese YouTuber who is currently based in Malaysia, recently released a video of him taste-testing MILO from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia

Having grown up in Japan and residing in Malaysia for the past three years, Aki explains that he's drunk his fair share of both countries' MILO. However, he's never tried Thailand's version of the chocolate malt. 

Without seeing the packages, he played a guessing game by tasting each version of the drink to see if he could match it with its correct country.

Although all four drinks smelled the same, he mentions that two versions taste quite similar to each other, while one of them has a distinct chocolatey taste and is a much darker shade

In the video, Aki guesses that the chocolatey version might be from Japan, while the similar ones might be Malaysia and Indonesia, based on the close cultural backgrounds and food.  

Feeling pretty confident about his guesses, Aki reveals the answers at the bottom of the cups. But to his surprise, he discovers that the only answer he got correct was Japan.

In a chat with SAYS, the YouTuber shares his opinion on what each MILO version tastes like

To him, Malaysia and Thailand's MILO are almost indistinguishable from each other. They taste the most neutral, with a good balance of chocolate and milk, and can be enjoyed with water.

Meanwhile, Japan's version is more chocolatey and less milky, presumably because the locals like to add milk to their MILO anyway, he adds.

And he explains that Indonesia's version probably goes with condensed milk because it seems to have less chocolate flavour, is somewhat milkier, and is much lighter compared to the others.

His video, which was uploaded on 19 June, has since garnered over 28,100 views. It ends with the YouTuber enjoying every last drop of all four drinks.

You can watch it below:

It was reported earlier this year that the Japanese are extremely fond of the drink and it even sold out nationwide:

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