WARNING: This "Chinese Food" Song Might Make You Question Everything On The Internet

Have you seen this "Chinese Food" video? Well, if you thought Rebecca Black's "Friday" was crazy...

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When we first watched a video of a girl singing about Chinese food...

Alison Gold is pictured singing in the video to the Ark Music-produced viral video titled "Chinese Food"

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...we didn't think we'd be looking at what people are now labelling the new Rebecca Black

Young singer Alison Gold is seen lying down with rapper Patrice - who is disguised as a panda - as they point to Chinese food floating in the sky.

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Some of us thought Rebecca Black's "Friday" was the worst song of all time...

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...but could Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" be THE worst?

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Guess what? The guys that made Rebecca Black's "Friday" are the same ones that came up with "Chinese Food" - they're from Ark Music Factory

Ark Music Factory writer and Producer Patrice Wilson has exercised his incredible skills again to create "Chinese Food," featuring tween Alison Gold singing about her need for, you guessed it, Chinese food, after a night out.


Alison Gold, the heir apparent to Black’s tween pop throne, provides vocals for the track and also stars in the music video, which premiered yesterday. It’s already racked up 4 million views.


Who is Alison Gold? Heavy.com calls her "a social media phantom"

"Try to find Alison on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram ... You can't. The girl in an internet sensation, but you can't find her anywhere. Have you seen Alison?" - Heavy.com

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Alison Gold sent her very FIRST tweet one day after "Chinese Food" was uploaded onto YouTube

Alison Gold sent her very first tweet via Twitter one day after Chinese Food was uploaded on YouTube.

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