Only People Who've Seen 'Avengers: Infinity War' Will Understand All These Random Memes

The "I don't feel so good..." feels tho.

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Potential spoiler warning: Although the following memes are presented without revealing any actual plot details, there's a chance that you may figure out what they're alluding to so... consider this your warning!

We don't know about you guys, but we're absolutely tickled pink by how fans are "revealing" Avengers: Infinity War spoilers with completely unrelated images on social media

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It's safe to say that most fans (except for a handful of lifeless trolls) have respected the cast and filmmakers' request to refrain from discussing spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War on public spaces. 

With that said, that's not stopping meme masters who've already seen it from resurrecting the 'Spoilers Without Context' meme to effective and definitely hilarious effect:  

1. When a certain god of thunder can't differentiate his rodents

2. Two Stones down, four to go

3. "Earth is closed today." How about forever.

4. When a single Squidward joke turned into a whole lotta Spongebob references

5. Anyone else realise that Infinity War is basically the Harry Potter movies? :O

6. Once again, The Simpsons predicted the future waaaay before it happened

7. We're getting some serious Naruto vibes over here...

8. Earth's mightiest hero, ladies and gentlemen

9. Drax, an intellectual

10. Oh my God my jaw literally just dropped from seeing this photoset

11. Haha jokes, the blaster is not ~real~

12. Drake seems to pop out quite a bit in this movie

13. Fortunately, the eyeballs didn't. ;)

14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how kan cheong are you when this happened?

15. Goddammit Mr. Lord. >:(

16. Is it bad that we laughed really, really hard when we finally figured out what this meant

17. When you realise the AIW equivalent to this iconic duo...

18. We're amazed by how many fictional characters have been flung off cliffs in the entire history of film...

19. ... Cartoons...

20. And even in Bollywood!

21. Remember when Tom Holland lip-synced and danced to Rihanna's Umbrella? Good times.

22. Are you prepared to relive that ending?

23. Too soon?

24. Yep, definitely too soon. :'(

Did you manage to catch all the references? Point out the ones you didn't quite get in the comments!

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