Fans Are Touched By TGV's "Creative" Apology For Not Screening The New BTS Concert Special

Phew, ARMY crisis averted.

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Fans of K-pop powerhouse BTS have been waiting with baited breath for the upcoming release of the group's first ever feature film - Burn the Stage: The Movie - since it was announced last month

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Inarguably the biggest boyband in the world right now, it's been a stellar year of highlights for BTS. From becoming the first South Korean group to play a US stadium to delivering a speech at the United Nations, the group's meteoric rise on the international stage have recently culminated in the band earning a spot on the cover of TIME Magazine as 'Next Generation Leaders'.

Burn the Stage, slated to be released on 15 November worldwide, follows the band during their 2017 'Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings' tour, and will feature live performances, behind-the-scenes glimpses, as well as new interviews with band members RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook.

Though the documentary is expected to hit cinemas across the world on 15 November, it would seem that Burn the Stage will not be screened at TGV Cinemas.

To appease Malaysians ARMYs (that's what BTS fans are called btw), the cinema chain issued the following apology:

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The statement reads:

"Dear TGV-ians and ARMY, 

We know that you were hoping for good news - unfortunately, Not Today. We know that many of you wanted to see your favourite Idol in BTS - Burn The Stage. However, in spite of all of our Blood, Sweat & Tears, our hopes to bring you this concert special have been set on Fire

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to screen Burn The Stage, even though music is in our DNA. We can't bear to spread Fake Love any longer by asking you to stay tuned for more information - we don't want The Truth Untold, and we understand this news hurts no matter how much you Love Yourself

No matter what, we'll always look forward to serving you at a TGV location near you and hope that you'll always continue to support us. 

TGV over and out. 

Mic Drop"

Though it may sound corny to those who are not familiar with BTS, the apology doubled up as a pleasant surprise for fans... 'coz the bolded phrases are actually song titles!

At the time of writing, the statement has been shared over 600 times on Facebook. 

Despite the disappointing news, fans were tickled pink and especially appreciative of the effort that went into the "creative" apology letter

Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas

Some cheekily questioned if the anonymous writer of the letter is actually part of the BTS fandom...

Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas

... And even suggested that they deserve a promotion (or at least, a raise). :p

Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas

Most importantly, fans were touched by TGV's "sincere" apology and even thanked them for not keeping them waiting in vain

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Image via imgur.com
Image via imgur.com

Have a purple heart from us too, TGV. ;)

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If you're still keen on catching Burn the Stage: The Movie on the big screen, you'll be pleased to know that it will be screened at Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide. Watch the trailer HERE:

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