Whoa, The "Cake Boss" Just Offered This Little Malaysian Baker A Spot On His TV Show!

He also offered her a job at his famous cake shop.

Cover image via Buddy Valastro Facebook

It's one thing to meet your celebrity idol in the flesh, but having them personally offer you a chance to work with them definitely takes the cake. Sounds like a wishful thinking, but it actually happened to little Chef Leah Choy!

The spunky 7-year-old got to meet her baking hero Buddy Valastro a.k.a. TV's "Cake Boss" at a special event held yesterday, where she also presented a handcrafted cupcake bouquet to him

Leah and Valastro with the cupcake bouquet she made for him.

Image via Buddy Valastro Facebook

The celebrity chef and reality TV star is in town to promote the eighth and latest season of 'Cake Boss'. For those of you who are not familiar with the show, it follows the operations of the Italian-American family-owned Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, of which Valastro co-owns with his siblings. The show is especially popular for showing the elaborate and sometimes impossibly massive edible art cakes the shop churns out.

If you wanna catch a glimpse of the Cake Boss himself, Valastro will be making an appearance at Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid tomorrow (1 November) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Valastro gifted Leah a special Chef Coat with his name and signature on it.

Image via Chef leah with a big heart Facebook

Not only that, the celebrity chef invited her to appear on his popular reality show, 'Cake Boss' when she goes to the US next month and even offered her a job!

Leah's mother wrote on her Facebook page, "Leah asked Buddy if she could bake a cake with him when she's in Philly. To our surprise, he offered for Leah to maybe be on one of his 'Cake Boss' episodes when she's there and even offered her a job.

"As everyone was busy taking pictures, Buddy actually came up to both hubby and I and asked how are we managing financially and if we are getting any help. We shared with him what we are doing and he generously offered to help raise funds for Adele when he is back. It was such a humbling experience to have someone like him offering to help us."

Leah with her family and celebrity chef Buddy Valastro.

Image via Chef leah with a big heart Facebook

She may only be seven, but Leah has done some truly remarkable things. Since she was four and a half, Leah has been baking cupcakes to raise funds for her little sister Adele, who suffers from brain injury.

Through her Facebook "shop" Chef Leah with a Big Heart, the little cake boss has baked and decorated over 13,500 cupcakes and raised close to RM40,000 for her sister's treatment programme in Philadelphia.

The little baker has also contributed to the Food Aid Foundation, having raised RM700 for the food bank's pledge to Rohingya refugees simply because she "wanted to help". Her generosity and sincerity also earned her a Tunku Bainun Young Changemakers award in 2015.

Despite all the attention and praise from the public for her selfless actions, young Leah emphasises that she's only doing this for her, saying that "there's no need to be famous"

"Leah would often refuse any interviews or photo shoots because to her, there's no need to be famous. There's no need to be featured in newspapers and magazines," her mother divulged.

"She would always say, " Mummy, why do I have to take so many pictures and do so many interviews? I'm doing this for Adele and I don't need to be famous. I love my sister that is why I'm doing this. When you love someone and you really want to help, there is really no need to be famous and to show people. Baha'u'llah says we need to be humble...always."

Even so, she is definitely capturing our hearts one cupcake at a time. You're an inspiration to us all, Leah!

Image via Giphy

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