Cardi B, Midnight Fusic & G-Easy Lead This Week's Funky, Psychedelic New Music Drops

We've got a big one for you this week with some majooorrr *ahem* Sia and David Guetta *ahem* names!

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos and exclusive interviews of the week!

Starting strong are the boys of Malaysian alternative-rock band Midnight Fusic, with a meaningful new single from their self-titled album.

Following the same vein, Skyscraper belter Demi Lovato connects with This City hitmaker Sam Fischer for his reflective song.

Meanwhile, bringing the energy this week is British DJ Jonas Blue, famous friends Sia and David Guetta, and Queen from the Bronx herself, Cardi B.

Not to be outdone, Jeremy Zucker drops his much-anticipated full EP with Chelsea Cutler, Brent II. And closing off the week is GRAMMY award-winning Daya and talented young blood Yeek!

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1. Strangers - Midnight Fusic

Kicking off the release of their self titled album, Arif Kamarudin (frontman, rhythm guitarist), Adrian Danial (vocalist, guitarist), Firdaus Azmi (bassist), and Muaz Rabbani (drummer) are here to stun with their lead single, Strangers.

The song — featuring guest vocals from Jack of Romantic Echoes and Dennis of Manny Rune - has a profound meaning, as the band says it addresses the process of dealing from addiction.

It's written from the perspective of someone who's not always sober, and can't see the negative impact of their behaviour.
Midnight Fusic

The album, consisting of 14 tracks, will also include the band's first song written and performed in Bahasa Malaysia, Sandiwara (featuring Pijar), as well as previously released track, I Don't Wanna Dream Tonight, which the band says was "heavily influenced" by Fleetwood Mac and The 1975.

Newer tracks include Vertigo, Think About, Under The Weather, Little Did She Know, Am I In The Right Mind?, and I Just Wanna Go Outside.

2. What Other People Say - Sam Fischer ft Demi Lovato

Australian pop-rock singer-songwriter Sam Fischer was "blown away" when Demi Lovato agreed to duet the song he's penned, What Other People Say. The song, according to Fischer, is "a confession".

It's about the pressures of society and how getting caught up with the wrong things can change you.

The song hits close to home for the 28-year-old Disney alum, who said of her decision to work with Fischer: "This song is a reflection on what it's like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society. It's why I wanted to make this song with Sam. Ultimately it's about two humans coming together to connect and find solutions to their problems."

3. Floating Through Space - Sia and David Guetta

Amongst the collaborations in recent years, one of the strongest and most successful is the marriage of electronic dance music and pop by David Guetta and Sia (I'm sure you remember their massive, massive hit Titanium). Their latest track is an upbeat, vocally-driven piece celebrating the beauty of living through adversity.

The song is part of Sia's upcoming eighth album Music – Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture, the 2021 musical drama film that marks the artist's directorial debut.

Music is set to drop on 12 February.

4. Something Stupid - Jonas Blue ft AWA

In his first single of 2021, British DJ Jonas Blue has teamed up with up-and-coming Swedish singer AWA. With the 31-year-old among the select few with the honour of being in the 'billion streams club', it's no surprise that his latest endeavour with AWA is raking in the listens as AWA sings:

"And you know me,
You know what I get like when I get lonely"

5. Up - Cardi B

When does Cardi B ever release something that isn't absolute fire?

Most people would shudder at the thought of having to do as well, if not better, than their previous accomplishments so soon - but not Cardi B though. The Queen is ready to follow up "the most talked-about song" of 2020 - WAP - with her latest drop, Up.

Disclaimer: explicit lyrics (it's Cardi B, y'all!). Listener discretion is advised.

Up is the second single from the 28-year-old Bronx rapper's (as of yet) untitled, unannounced sophomore record. Her debut album, 2018's Invasion Of Privacy was certified triple platinum and named by Billboard as 'the top female rap album of the 2010s'. It included the singles Be Careful, I Like It, and Bodak Yellow. Nevertheless, Cardi hasn't been idle, having worked on three features last year with BLACKPINK (Bet You Wanna), Anuel AA (La Bebe), and Anitta (Me Gusta).

6. Provide - G-Easy, Chris Brown, Mark Morrison

The Bay Area rapper has tapped frequent collaborator Chris Brown, who featured on G-Eazy's 2015 track Drifting with Tory Lanez and 2019's Wobble Up, for his latest single as they croon:

"Ooh, just vibe with me (Vibe)
Come on, let's do some things we never do"

Provide is the first single off of G-Eazy's fourth studio album, These Things Happen Too, the sequel to his 2014 debut album These Things Happen.

7. emily - Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

Another release by frequent collaborators comes from the likes of all the kids are depressed hitmaker Jeremy Zucker and How To Be Human singer Chelsea Cutler.

The labelmates have followed up the release of their newest single this is how you fall in love with the drop of the entire EP, Brent II.

The EP is a sequel to their first joint project, 2019's Brent, which saw the duo explore the theme of agonising love - a heart-wrenching breakup, confusion, and desperation. This then birthed Brent II, for which Zucker says: "The second Chelsea and I put out Brent we knew we were gonna do it again, I just didn't think it would be so soon. Brent II turned out better than we ever could've imagined. So grateful for all of you."

8. Bad Girl - Daya

GRAMMY award-winning and multi-platinum alt-pop renegade artist Daya is bringing Old Hollywood glamour back with her brand bop Bad Girl.

Of the song, she says there is irony in the lyrics: "To me, the lyric of Bad Girl can be used to flip the script so that a 'bad girl' can be anyone who is confident and asserts themselves boldly in the world and doesn't necessarily have to adhere to the stereotypical bad girl 'look' [...] but rather can appear anywhere on the binary from leather jackets and boots to red lips and dresses and pearls, in the case of the song's music video."

9. 3000 Miles - Yeek

Tapping into his Filipino-American heritage, young talent Yeek (née Sebastian Carandang) has released his first single of 2021 - the first of many set to come out this year.

Mixed by Frank Ocean collaborator Jeff Ellis, the unique track is R&B to its core but features a flavour only Yeek seems to be able to blend seamlessly into his music.

It's a bit of a deviation from his 2019 EP IDK WHERE, which was more indie than his latest R&B track - but ngl, it works! After all, in an interview with i-D, the artist stated: "I will always say [my music] lives in the world of pop, but sonically it draws inspiration from alternative music and rock [...] For me, the goal is to make stuff that we don't immediately recognise as pop, but it's still accessible to so many people. I want to redefine what a pop star is."

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